Davido Storms NYSC (photos)



Popular Nigerian hip hop singer   Adeleke David, aka Davido has created an awareness in his  social media account that he is responding to the clarion call by serving his father’s land. In the course of this awareness, he (Davido)  describes his happiness by posting photos and videos of himself putting on and flexing with the NYSC uniform in his Instagram page.

He captioned it, “Otondo OBO … #Nysc.. tying up every loose end ! ”

‘No matter how rich and famous I am, I will serve my father’s land.’

This famous singer, Adeleke David Adedeji (DAVIDO), LA/8B/6389, registered for 2018 Batch ‘B’ Stream 2 Orientation Course at the Lagos NYSC Camp, Iyana Ipaja, Agege.


In a viral video shared by Tunde Ednut, he alleged that Davido might be going for his service year because he wants to build a political career.

Nigeria is a country that has many tribes, the idea of NYSC is to introduce unity among the tribes in the nation. With this regards, the citizens of Nigeria are being posted to other parts of the nation to serve their father’s land..

NYSC was introduced in 1975 to promote unity after the civil war.

There are many amazing and intruding things to note about Davido’s life, starting from his childhood, his music career and to his loyalty to the clarion call.  However, we know that prior to starting his career, Davido went to the university. He chose a major connected with business and studied Business Administration at Oakwood University. Eventually, he returned to Nigeria in 2011, and at that point, he started his music career for real. But due to father’s pressure, he still had to enroll in university, but this time to one in Nigeria. In July 2015, Davido earned a Music degree from Babcock University and successfully graduated.

Due to nature of his career, he wrote a thesis as required of any University graduating student in Nigeria, which he tagged ‘Challenges of Live Performance of Afro-Pop Artists in Nigeria..


In reactions to this trending news, Reach Fm Station, World bank, in one of their programs, congratulated Davido on his humility.

They blurted ‘even when he is a famous celebrity, he still brings himself low to serve his country as a full citizen of Nigeria’.

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One of the NYSC members, Tolani, on observing how Davido is been given extraordinary attention to the extent that the NYSC members sat down to watch him show off in Camp. She heartily said ‘He attended a University just as I did, He did four years course while I did 6 years course in the University, If I didn’t experience him in camp here, nothing would have changed in my life..


On another hand, the other NYSC members continue to show their joy by rejoicing and snapping photos with the famous Artist, Davido. To a higher extent, they tag this camp era, ‘Davido’s Camp Era’…

One of them rightly said ‘It is a thing of joy and honour to exclaim that ‘I did NYSC during the Davido Camp Era’.


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