Congratulations! +10k Members – Yvonne Nelson Group

The Admins and Moderators of Yvonne Nelson Facebook Group gladly congratulate the member of Yvonne Nelson’s group for the massive adds, co-operation and progression of the group. They also encourage the members to keep on doing their best for the progress of the entire group and for the happiness of all. 

Yvonne Nelson group is a social group with the influence of the Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, whose name is overleaf the group. The group aims to promote talents, skills, businesses, comedy and entertainment as a whole. It is also educative as it teaches new things everyday through its outstanding members.

According to the overall administrator, Frank Paskid, the ten top active members (kings & queens) are;

  1. Youngest queen
  2. El Cyndy Preshy
  3. Excess current
  4. Ezeagu Kelvin
  5. Ebelunor praise sopuruchukwu
  6. Lucy Amara
  7. Chidera Ossai
  8. Young Passy
  9. Immanuel Richy
  10. Onyejiaka Vivian

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