Pentecostalism & End-time Preachers: Avoid Their Deceit

Pentecostalism & End-time Preachers: Avoid Their Deceit

Pentecostalism & End-time preachers: Avoid Their Deceit 

Pentecostalism is a charismatic religious movement that gave rise to a number of Protestant churches in the United States in the 20th century and that is unique in its belief that all Christians should seek a post conversion religious experience called baptism with the Holy Spirit.

In this definitive term I can figure out a point which is ‘’ post conversion religious experience called baptism with the holy spirit, one in union with the holy spirit should bear in mind that the apex of one’s religious life and his communion with Christ ought to be centred on the love of Christ which is carrying his cross and not marketing the gospel.

The society we are into today is in a state of confusion religiously.

I believe as Christians and children of God we ought to imitate Christ and reflect towards his evangelical roles an leave an exemplary lives and reject all sorts of deceit. 

The Truth Untold

Nobody should use demon to frighten or excite you.

Who told you that a spiritual husband or wife makes you a spinster or bachelor for life.

In any case why did you accept the proposal of a spiritual husband?

How can you have a spiritual husband only your maker is your husband.

Do you mean God will be there and another spirit will come and marry you?

When God says I am a jealous God.

You see ignorance is a big problem.

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Beware that some of these things are cosmetic lies or cosmetic fabrications of Pentecostalism, some of you have books that explains dreams for them.

Some of these things are simplistic explanations of Natural human condition.

Mary and Martyr were the closest females to Jesus, where they married?

Did you ever here that they got engaged and were married? But they were the closest to Jesus.

Go through the Bible/ scripture, there were so many women that God used mightily they were not married not because they didn’t want to marry but they couldn’t get married.

Every little thing is attributed to spiritual connotation.

Some of these things are simplistic explanations of Natural human condition.

Mary and Martyr were the closest females to Jesus, where they married?

Did you ever here that they got engaged and were married? But they were the closest to Jesus.

Go through the Bible/ scripture, there were so many women that God used mightily they were not married not because they didn’t want to marry but they couldn’t get married.

Every little thing is attributed to spiritual connotation.

If you don’t marry, spiritual husband

If you marry and you didn’t give birth it is still spiritual husband..What a cacophony!

Why this brouhaha about spiritual husband?

These concept have long been held before us many people rose above it! All these explanations you are given, where are they found in the scripture?

The women that were barren in the scripture did the prophets of God tell them that their barreness was as a result of spiritual husband?

Did demons start existing in our time? What is wrong with you people?

Read the scripture to be delivered from these aberrations and perpetual ignorance.

I do not say that there are no demonic manipulations. But they are too exaggerated.

Socio-economic problems will be referred to as spiritual problems.

That is why many people will go for deliverance from poverty.

My dear brothers and sisters poverty is a socio-political and economic issue not a spiritual problem.

If deliverance and crusades were to make people rich.

Nigeria would have been like the united states, or Israel or China.

The China you go today has majority of its citizens as atheists.

But the irony of the whole matter is that, it is only in Nigeria that someone will finish Crusade and will go to China…when will this foolishness stop?

Let’s live foolishness alone

You sow seed here for breakthrough and you go to China!

China is a communist state =Communism means they don’t believe in God but they are prospering more than you and somebody will tell you that it is your ancestors that are causing your poverty.

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Hybridization, therefore, entails the process of mating two organisms belonging to two different species to create an organism possessing the qualities of both organisms.

In reproductive biology, hybridization means the act or process of mating organisms of different varieties or species to create a hybrid. It’s something like cross-breeding. Tigers and mules are examples of animal hybrid.

In the molecular biology process of forming a double-stranded nucleic acid from joining two complementary strands of DNA(or RNA) (as in nucleic acid hybridization).

Advantages of Hybridization

(1)    Two species combine to form the best of the organism.

(2)    Hybrid plants are physically uniform. This is manly advantageous for farmers who harvest with machines, but it is usually not a big deal for small greenhouse gardeners.

(3)    Hybridization help in getting different species of animals.

(4)    They pass along favorable traits and prolong the survival of threatened or endangered species.

(5)    They (hybrids) often show greater vigor and faster growth

(6)    Hybrids can have up to 25 (twenty-five) percent higher yield.

(7)    They result in the formation of organisms that possess various qualities such as disease resistance, stress resistance, and so on.

(8)    In animals such as humans, hybridization help in the detection of the presence of amplified genes in cancer and to map out their location.

(9)    Hybridization creates room for better adaptation of new species.

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Disadvantages of Hybridization

(1)    The process of hybridization is quite expensive costing up to five times the value of the normal process.

(2)    They suffer more than the normal plants if not provided with the normal requirements.

(3)    They have difficulty finding mates and successfully breeding.

(4)    It can lead to the extinction of some species. For example, a Blue-winged Warbler and a Golden-winged warbler mated and created a new type of bird. The new bird was able to mate with each other and the parental types. There were no signs that the two species were fusing back into one, so it seems that the Blue-winged warbler is replacing the Golden-winged warbler because the other type of bird or the Blue-winged warbler continued mating with other Blue-winged warbler and out-competing the Golden-winged warbler.

(5)    High risk of uncertainty: You may end up losing the original hybrids.

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Best Ways to Improve your Intelligence, Must Read for All Students

Best Ways to Improve your Intelligence, Must Read for All Students

Best ways to Improve Your Intelligence

If you are worried about how to improve your intelligence, or how to develop your intellect/brain towards the acquisition of knowledge, then worry less, you are at the right place. In this mind blowing article, you shall learn the best 30 ways to improve your intelligence. These ways are very simply to understand and to practice. 

Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge (or skills). 
It is the common denominator to everything we do in life, and improving your intellect is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

 So while these 30 tips won’t turn you into Albert Einstein or Steve Jobs, they will help to polish your current intelligence and make your mind work better.

If you’re just looking for something to bump you up on the IQ scale (I personally feel the IQ test is complete rubbish, Intelligence is too vast of a concept to standardize and bring down to mere numbers) these tips according to research will have a positive effect your intelligence quotient.

But keep in mind that there are some psychologists who believe IQ does NOT change over one’s lifetime and then there are some who do.

So I recommend you take everything “intelligence” with a grain of salt and do what feels good for you. 

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life thinking its stupid. – Einstein

I personally find the following tips very valuable in keeping my mind sharp and I strongly feel that just like a muscle, with practice you can make your mind do amazing and powerful things. 

So, I hope you find the following tips beneficial and that over time you grow your intelligence and unlock the true potential of your mind. Best of luck!

Here are the ways you can increase your intelligence:

  1. Read More – Intelligence begins with reading. The more you will read, the more you will absorb and therefore the more intelligent you will get. Reading here could be of any type as far as it develops the intellect and thus expose the reader to acquisition of new knowledge and belief.
  2. Set Goals – Goals create structure in life and only through proper structure can you increase intelligence. The importance of goal creation is that it will condition your mind to be focus towards achieving the goal set. When an individual sets goals and works towards achieving those goals, he or she ends up learning new things and thus enhancing the condition of the brain.
  3. Meditate – When you meditate you calm your brain. This peace and tranquility is crucial in building intellect. Just as man works and at a certain time,  get tired and rest, so does the brain work and get tired too. It is therefore not advisable to over-stress the brain in any form of acquiring knowledge; when the brain gives signal of tiredness, allow it to rest by relaxing and meditating, or even sleeping for a while just to cool off.
  4. Make Notes – The body remembers by doing. So by making notes on everything you do, you will increase memory and intellect. Notes serve as a reminder to man. At every point, one could easily refer to his or her notes as a reminder. When an individual does this, he or she ends up refreshing the knowledge already gotten before.
  5. Play Sudoku – Playing Sudoku challenges your brain and helps you think logically. It is a brain game and according to the American Alzheimer’s Association and it might help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. It may sound weird, but there are some brain games that make one to think in order to play better. When one plays these brain games, he or she ends up sharpening his or her brain the more without knowing what is happening.
  6. Stay Hydrated – Our brains depend on proper hydration to function properly. Brain cells require a delicate balance between water and other elements to operate at max efficiency. So try to keep your brain replenished and drink the medically recommended amount of water every day.
  7. Minimize “Bad” Television – Watching TV nowadays with all of its reality shows or just simply watching re-runs is one of the worst things you can do for your intelligence. While it can be relaxing you don`t stimulate your thinking. Try tuning into a documentary or the news every now and then.
  8. Exercise – Exercise keeps your body fine-tuned and energetic; it is a great way to increase your productivity and intelligence. 
  9. Mentally Simplify – Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge or skill. So try to unclutter your thoughts and process information one piece at a time. You will find that you will not just be more productive but your mental capacity will increase.
  10. Have a Good Breakfast – You can’t drive a car without fuel. Once you wake up and your tank is empty, eat a hearty breakfast to get yourself going again. Eating a healthy breakfast is directly linked to higher mental performance.

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  11. Eat Yogurt and other “bacteria” – Certain bacteria have been scientifically linked to brain power. So it’s possible that by simply eating yogurt you can promote the growth of neurons.
  12. Get Enough Rest – Imagine your brain like a smartphone. No matter how efficient and wonderful it is, it eventually needs to recharge and shut down. A good night’s rest will do wonders in making you smarter.
  13. Do Math Questions – The only reason people don’t like math is that it requires them to use their brains. By doing the math you exercise your brain and just like a muscle, through exercise it gets stronger and quicker.
  14. Make Connections – Don’t wait for ideas to become clear. Always be on the edge and make connections between things.
  15. Breathe – Oxygen is crucial to the brain and it can’t survive very long deprived of it. You should practice good breathing techniques and give your brain as much as oxygen as it needs. “You don’t need to know all the answers. No one is smart enough to ask you all the questions”. – Unknown
  16. Do Crosswords – Crosswords are very effective in making your brain work and exercise.
  17. Take Breaks – Your brain is just a muscle and overworking it will only cause problems. Take periodic breaks to keep your brain fresh and productive. And never forget to sleep.
  18. Refine Your Thinking – Don’t just think but think about how you are thinking when you think. It’s quite a handful of words, but it works. If you plan out your thinking process you will think more productively.
  19. Eat Brain Food – There are many foods which have been associated with brain health, including dark green vegetables, fish oil, and nuts. Try to incorporate as much as brain food into your diet.
  20. Draw Diagrams and Charts –Try to organize your thoughts using diagrams and charts whenever possible. This reorganization is very helpful in increasing intellect.
  21. Quiz Yourself – To become more intelligent try to always challenge yourself and push your brain to the limits. So if this simply means that by using your opposite hand you are challenging yourself; do it.
  22. Keep Your Brain Working – Your brain should never stop working unless you are sleeping or taking periodic breaks as mentioned above. Keep your brain active, and clicking on all cylinders.
  23. Get a Rubik’s Cube – A Rubik’s cube is a great way to exercise your brain and build intelligence.
  24. Don’t take in too much Sugar – Too much sugar gives your brain short term jolt, but after the sugar rush is over the sugar crash is just not worth it.
  25. Learn to Play an Instrument – Playing an instrument is a great way to increase your intellect. The reasoning behind it is that you’re triple-tasking: listening, reading and playing the instrument.
  26. Work on Vocabulary – If you know more words you will be able to not just acquire more information but will be able to apply it more effectively as well.
  27. Eat throughout the Day – Your brain needs fuel to function. Try to avoid being hungry and keep yourself well fed.
  28. Focus – Intelligence is largely based on how much you can focus at one time. Practice focusing on tasks and avoid distractions.
  29. Listen to Classical Music – According to the “Mozart Effect” by listening to classical music an improvement in productivity is induced.
  30. Don’t Give Up – Anybody can become smarter and improve their intellect so never give up and keep trying.


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Kisser and the Kissee – Love Story: Episode 1

Kisser and the Kissee – Love Story: Episode 1

The Kisser & the Kissee

Interesting Love Story

Episode One:

I thought kissing is only an act of love until I witnessed the one done outside of love… – kisser & the kissee-

It was all bliss for over four months I got married to Francis. The kisses will not end; he kissed me in the morning, afternoon, night, and even before going to the toilet to do some long businesses. The lovemaking will also not cease. 

Early in the morning, he will kiss me ‘wake up, It’s morning!’ and on his hand is a breakfast of a well-prepared dish by him. He would then sit by me and feed me as a baby. Of course, I am his baby. Sometimes I think this whole pampering is maybe partly due to my pregnancy or perhaps the love he professes to me. 

I was already four months pregnant before we got married. But oh well! I will enjoy the whole scenario while it lasts! During this few heaven months of marriage, we discussed everything, we left no stone unturned in the course of our discussions. Francis told me stories from his childhood to his adulthood; he told me about his past relationship, both tasteful and sour. 

Once, he told me about girls in his college days that threw themselves at him due to his unparalleled intelligence and how he sexually used a good number of them. I thought it was funny and for all the fun of it. According to him, he had only dated three girls of which one whose name was Ada broke his heart and married another man with the complaint that she cannot wait for Francis to finish University, and then get a job before getting married to her.

Francis, due to this, then broke the heart of two other women, Amaka and Beverly. On my own side, I have had five major boyfriends and ten minor boyfriends respectively. We both have had our dirty sides and so none of us judged any of us.

Secretly, I know that my marriage with Francis was unprecedented. He was just then one of my major boyfriends; I knew I loved him, but I was not sure that I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life. My taking in due to one of our rigorous love affairs had taken a decision I, for one day, had not thought of. And so, I settled for it. But I will never let Francis know my little, winy, tiny secret. He has shown me so much care and love and so, I don’t want to lose this. 

However, marriage could be funny, especially on the side of the woman; it has found a way of making me wonder why in the first place I never wanted to get married – at least not now. However, this whole conjugal bliss was short-lived.

Cindy Coker was my malaria, in fact, my headache. She was the girl my husband never mentioned, not to talk of talking about. Yes, we discussed everything, but this side of Cindy being my husband’s immediate ex was the part he had left in the dark. He never spilled the beans about his love affair with Miss Coker, neither did he tell me that she is the love of his life and still the love of his life.

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I was merely a victim of unprecedented circumstances. Had it not be for my taking in, and my vehement refusal to abort the baby due to my parental/religious background, Francis would never have walked down the aisle with me. And so, I guess we didn’t discuss everything after all. Miss Cooker was his dirty secret. His immeasurable love for her was the skeleton in his cupboard.

Mr. Francis Okolie had met Cindy Coker at the mall. They bumped into each other and staring at her glittering eyes, Francis knew she was the perfect girl for him. She was very beautiful, slender, and tall. She was light-skinned with a pair of brown eyes pointed nose and a rosy kissable pink lips that Francis would die kissing. That day they had starred at each other for minutes and the rest is history. 

They had dated for four years and had planned to be together except for my intrusion. During the course of these four years, there was nothing they did not do together. Francis kissed her lips for the umpteenth time. He had sucked her breast for uncountable times. He had worshiped her hips. In fact, he had lived in between her sexy legs. I bet, and I can swear, Francis would die to be with Cindy again.

However, Francis had the Achilles heel of high libido and ravenous sexual appetite. I was also a delectable site. I was also simply irresistible. 

My name is Juliet Amafor, but my friends call me Julie-sexy or Julie-wire-wire. I could get any man I want. When I swing my hips, men come rushing for it. And when my breasts dance, I bet all men just want to have a taste of it. 

Of course, Francis fell for my venus-possessed beauty.  We took it one day at a time. It was simply not true love, but it was love anyway, or what I call mere lust. And the resultant effect was a life growing in me.

When Cindy found out, she was devastated and frustrated.

“How could you do this to me after all the love you professed to me? Cindy asked Francis bitterly.” 

“It was just a fling. you are the one I truly love. Juliet means nothing.” He explained.

“Oh! So you are allowed to have flings while I am not? And you even went ahead to impregnate her while I am here playing Mary the wife of Joseph to you. Jesus Christ! Men are just Scam and Scums.” She said with disappointment written all over her face.

“Cindy listen to me, I’ll make it up to you. I am never going to marry her. She will either abort the baby or risk single parenthood, I sincerely promise.” Francis finally said. But he never fulfilled this promise. When the incessant pressure from both my parents and I came banging at the door, Francis was forced to oblige. But deep down, he silently yearned for Cindy.

During the course of all these events, Cindy plunged into depression and melancholy for months. She had once attempted suicide because of this. In most of her quiet periods, she reminisced about the good times she had together with Francis. The truckload of promises and most of all or the biggest of all, their decision to be together. All these, Francis had thrown to the dogs.

Despite Francis incessant apologies with respect to all that has happened, Cindy Coker vowed to pay back. She vowed to retaliate in some silly ways.

“He thinks, he can use me and dump me, he thinks he can make me an object of  caricature among my peers, Never!”

“You haven’t heard the last of me”. Cindy had thought aloud while biting her lower lips and clinging her fist. 

Click HERE to see Episode 2

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My Story on the Recent Suicide Cases in Nigeria

My Story on the Recent Suicide Cases in Nigeria

Aside the current Bad Leadership and Frustration in the Country, Our Uncles and Immediate Relations are Constituents of this Suicidal Abhor!!

By: Agbajeogu Chibueze E.

Why Students?  Why the Youths?

Youths are the life-blood that sustains every Nation because without the youths, the race would die off. It is often said that youths are the leaders of tomorrow, it is obvious that we found ourselves in a system whereby the latter seemed illusive. 

But I believe that any society that is concerned with its future is supposed to give a preferential treatment to the welfare and development of its youth. The youths in Nigeria arguably have not been given sufficient attention by the government.

It is very painful and disheartening that an oblivious stigma has interrutably befalling our richly blessed nation.

Scrolling down News Feeds this days is like scrolling to see another happen. In an independent country where we should be happy and celebrating success for coming this far, we are either regretting or laying curses for living this far.

Be that as it may, Suicide is still not the best option!

I write with grief in my heart because I know that five years past would have been the end of my living…. Yes I once had a suicidal thought. Life sometimes get really tough that it seemed all hope is lost, but just then came a divine intervention and a second choice to keep living.

If I Can, Then You Can!!

Some of our uncles and Immediate relations, I keep saying, are Ambassadors of Poverty, with their Anus at home and then their Heads abroad. Living in high places, riding flashy cars and enjoying a luxurious life, yet down their roots there are poor little children struggling to survive…. Shame on you if you are one

I once wrote an article sometime ago about  the life of students. If you have friends, relations, wards or even concerned citizens who are students, please sometimes do call them on phone, make out time to check on them because some might be living in social isolation.

If you have #500 or #1000 please do give them, Life as students sometimes gets really tough and you don’t know maybe your kind gesture might save a soul..

This Issue Can Be Stopped 

Show love to that poor beggar on the streets, buy sachet water without asking for change from that pregnant woman who stands under the scorching sun trying to make life better for her unborn child.

Stop donating millions in churches, whereas your mother’s roof is leaking water. God doesn’t live in churches, He lives in the hearts of Men.

Stop employing the whites to do a job which a hardworking jobless youth can do. Lift others up by helping them reach their goals and actualize their dreams.

If you can’t help many, just help one!

Be a Humanitarian! Be a good Uncle! Be a good Ambassador.



Sniper is not the best prescription, we still have a better future… Just believe!

Keep resting in peace dear departed brethren, have a smooth journey on your way to meet your maker. Tell him everything the world did to you but plead on him to spare the lives of our Uncles, so they could watch us succeed without them. Goodbye for Now…..

Agbajeogu Chibueze

Chibueze Agbajeogu    +2348162225272

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It Wasn’t Suicide; they Killed Him

It Wasn’t Suicide; they Killed Him

Suicide & its Rampant Practice 

Suicide amongst youths and young adults has been on the increase. In Nigeria where taking one’s life is seen as a taboo and curse, the option to snuff the life out oneself is becoming a worrisome trend, especially with reoccurring cases cut across students in tertiary institutions, young and energetic rural farmers among other groups of people.

The world Health Organization (WHO), published that an average of 3,000 people commit suicide daily all over the world and for every person who completes, 20 or more may attempt to end their lives making it the third leading cause of death among the youths aged 15- 44 in the world.

Nigeria is a highly volatile country where hardships are a part of everyday life. A significant number of Nigerians live below the minimum wage of #18.000. Sadly, while hardships lead to depression, other subtle un-diagnosed like chemical imbalance are also vehicle for depression.

According to research, it has been established that most youths resort to suicide as well as a result of poor academic performance; pressure from parents who compare their children with others and sometimes making them feel inferior or worthless; pressure from social media.


Everyone feels down at times. The breakup of a relationship or a bad grade can lead to low mood. Sometimes sadness comes on for no apparent reasons. Is there any difference between these shifting moods and what is called depression?

Anyone who has experienced an episode ordinary unhappiness is characterized by longer and deeper feelings of despondency and the presence of certain characteristic symptoms. There are growing evidences that depression is in part an illness with a biological basis.

It is more common in individuals with close relatives who have been depressed. Research on the physiology of the nervous system suggests that the level of activity of neurotransmitters, such as norepinephrine and serotonin, changes in longstanding depression: Anti-depression medicines probably work by correcting a “Chemical imbalance” of this kind.

The loss of a loved one or a disappointment may trigger a depression; past losses, perhaps not fully acknowledged, often make someone more vulnerable to depression.


As the second leading cause of death in young people, a major cause of suicide is mental illness, very commonly depression. People who feel suicidal are overwhelmed by painful emotions and see death as the only way out, losing sight of the fact that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary state.

Most people who die in suicide could have been saved or helped. How they Killed him: “People who talk about it won’t do it.” Suicide threats should always be taken seriously. The truth is that few individuals are single – minded in their decision to kill themselves; many are asking for help even as they contemplate suicide.

“Suicide is a purely personal decision” This argument is sometimes used to justify a ‘hands-off’ attitude. It is a misconception, because suicide doesn’t just affect the person who dies; it affect the society at large, and causes under development. “People who want to kill themselves are beyond help” Fortunately, this is not the case suicidal impulses may be intense but short-lived.

The majority of individuals who are suicidal even for extended periods recover and can benefit from treatment. Symptoms of suicide; a person who is experiencing or could experience suicidal thoughts may show the following signs or symptoms.

Symptoms of Suicide

  • Feeling or appearing to feel trapped or hopeless.
  • Feeling intolerable emotional pain.
  • Having or appearing to have an abnormal preoccupation with violence, dying or death.
  • Talking about revenge, guilt or shame.
  • Consuming drugs or more alcohol than usual, or starting drinking when they had not previously done.
  • Increased Isolation.
  • Talking about suicide or dying, expressing regret about being alive or ever having been born.

A significant number of people with suicidal ideation keep their thoughts and feelings a secret and show no signs that anything us wrong. Suicidal Ideation can occur when a person feels they are no longer able to cope with an overwhelming situation.

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It Wasn't Suicide; they Killed Him

Suicide amp its Rampant Practice Suicide amongst youths and young adults has been on the increase In Nigeria where taking one s life is seen as a taboo and curse

This could stem from financial problems!s, death of a loved on, a broke relationship, or a devastating or deliberating illness. The most common situation or life events that might cause suicidal thoughts are grief, sexual abuse, financial problems, remorse, rejection, a relationship breakup and unemployment.

Sometimes, economic hardship can lead to suicide; shame , ignominy and disgrace can be spontaneous . For some it is immediate reaction not as a result of depression. For others , it is depression after a long time of experiencing hardship , they lose focus, and some hang themselves , some take over dosage of drugs, plunged into lagoon .

Whatever it is, termination of one ’ s life is not good . It is not something that should be encouraged. So , we want to provide hope and tell people a sad , traumatic experience is not necessarily the end of life . Ultimately we want to create a point, a facility where does who are going through mental health will come for a chat .

It is strictly a place you come and exchange views and you will be advised and by the time you are sufficiently advised and counselled if you need to see a psychiatrist then we set up meeting. We begin to get funds from sources so that we support those going through this crisis because the anti depressants is not cheap , people do not have the money so family will lock up the person and chain the person in the house some are boxed back to the village.

These situations do not need to arise, the one of among teenagers are terrible, and it is a traumatic experience for the parents. Those who commit suicide have ended the problem for themselves but created problems for others .

Often some people who have terminal diseases tend to take their life because they cannot go through the trauma and when they do this it can never be announced because suicide is not an honorable thing in the society .

In Africa it ’s an abomination , in Nigeria it is a legal offence , anybody who attempts suicide and is caught is prosecuted that is one thing we want to do. We want to ask for that aspect of the law to be expunged.

The man who commits suicide is not a happy person , he needs help , why punish the person by sending him to jail . That is double jeopardy, and these are some of the issues we are dealing with.

Part of our advocacy is that these homes will not be called psychiatric homes anymore there are some mild names for it like Social Intervention Facility so that you can go there and get help . Stigmatization of mental illness is all over the world but higher in Africa. Some who are going through illness along the line they become mentally ill .

They suffer from delusions , paranoia fear and terrible dreams . Some when they age they begin to suffer from dementia. We are looking at suicide and depression and asking what the society can do to intervene and reduce the rate of suicide.

Some people who are successful in life , some are wealthy they now begin to suffer from psychological imbalance; something begins to disturb their mind. It may not be something physical or real but the mind is diseased. Go to the specialist to treat the mind it is not only poverty that causes mental health.

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It is something that affects the mind, sometimes it has to be body chemistry ; sometimes it could be a fear of losing the wealth. Some people made so much money that they are now afraid of the door . They cannot open the door . Some have become so rich they can ’ t step out of the house after 7 : 00 pm.

They cannot eat out. The relations cannot visit ; if they visit they do not stay long. When you enter your office you see a sheet of paper somewhere and say who brought this . There are different things that lead to depression and mental health issues . As human being many things can happen to you and make you sad or happy .

Cause of depression is perpetual stage of sadness; it is continues you no longer feel happy you are not excited about anything . It lingers so there are other symptoms, lack of interest , you avoid people, sleep disturbance , no self -confidence, lose interest in things they used to do. Sometimes they become paranoid they are controlled by fear .

Nigeria ’ s mental health challenge should be treated as normal health issues and family support is also imperative in managing the scourge . Indeed, the harsh economic condition has led to all sort of mental health challenges among the populace that could result in suicidal instincts.

Yet Nigerians must be encouraged to become more open as they grapple with their frustrations. Many suicide notes are filled with confessions that the victims had no one to talk to. Loneliness and the absence of support are the bedrock of suicide incidents.

We recommend that trauma centres manned by seasoned psychologists and psychiatrists be set up for counselling purposes. This is where the role of community and faith-based organisations becomes handy. Where government fails to set up trauma centres, faith-based bodies should be active in providing care and counselling to single parents, out-of-job youths, drug addicts and rape victims, as this set forms the bulk of those with suicidal tendencies.

Above all, nothing can replace individual admonition to self. In times like these, citizens must fall back on internal philosophy that emphasizes hope above despair and purpose above emptiness. For, in the long run, the will to live or die is sometimes a personal decision.

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Franklyn Nwosu  – Prolific Writer

How often do you check up on people…?

Friends and acquaintances.. A little Hi, hello and how are you doing here and there wouldn’t take much of your time. In this time of depression and people choosing SUICIDE as an escape route from life’s unending struggles, you could be a reason that person still wanna hang on.

Reach out to people, know how they are doing because once they are gone, your lengthy RIP post on social media is insignificant.

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