NYSC takes new shape as Corp members start online Orientation Courses

NYSC takes new shape as Corp members start online Orientation Courses

Following the global outbreak of the deadly corona virus, which has threatened the Iives of people in the world including our beloved country Nigeria. On the 18th March 2020, there was a general order for the lock down of all NYSC Orientation camp across the Nation. It was not so happy a thing to the Batch A Stream 1 corps members who were asked to vacate the camp immediately. Although they corps members were posted to their various place of primary assignment, the measures taken was to help limit the possible avenue for the spread of the virus.

As the third line in the first stanza of the NYSC anthem quotes “Under the sun or in the rain”. The Platoon 6 Batch A stream 1 corps members deployed to Nasarawa State have continued their Orientation course in another form. They have fortified its WhatsApp platform with Guiding Principles to help bring discipline and sanity amongst them. They have an Outline of Programs that runs for 9hours daily. All these are of the vision to help build up their Human Capacity  towards Nation’s building.

In an interview with the Platoon leader, in the person of Franklyn Nwosu, who is a Philosophy graduate from the prestigious Claretian Institute of Philosophy Nekede, Owerri, Imo State. He said the platoon has its motto as “We are the best to serve Nigeria” and have promised to lead the Platoon to the actualization of this both in camp and outside the camp for the Nation building.

In his words of acknowledgement, he thanked the President of the  Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammad Buhari, the Executive Governor of Nasarawa State Engr. Abdullahi Sule, the Minister of Youth & Sports Mr. Stanley Dare, the Director General of the NYSC Brig. Gen. S. Ibrahim, the Nasarawa State NYSC Coordinator Mr. Stephen Gabriel Dewan, The NYSC Keffi Camp Director Mr. Tomori Olabode Felix and all NYSC staff.

He appreciated the esteem efforts of the Nasarawa NYSC state coordinator, the camp Director and the platoon 6 officers whose morning advise & admonishment helped strengthen them to undertake this tax.

He went further to say that the corona virus will never be a barrier for corps members to serve their fatherland, Nigeria.

The Platoon Program manager, Diogu Coda a graduate of Criminology/Psychology from Nasarawa State University spoke to us in an explanation on how the platoon has been undergoing the Online Orientation Courses which are inline with the NYSC SCHEME since 23rd March 2020. In his Explanations he said;

1. Business Monday

The business Monday is an opportunity created for the members of the platoon who have legit businesses doing to advertise their products or business and make presentations for people to patronize or make referrals. The aim of this program is to help boost and patronize our various handworks.

2. Tuesday Entrepreneurship Workshop

This program is held every Tuesday, and is anchored or moderated by the corps members who have entrepreneurship skills. Skills taught includes; Ankara Craft work, Fashion Designing, Catering services, Graphic designing, Mechanized Agriculture; Fish farming, poultry, Dog farm etc. We also have quiz/Brain teasers session and winners are awarded with airtime to their different networks. The aim of this program is for us to acquire a spirit of self reliance, developing skills for self employment. Anchors of this program are: Tamaraleyefa Blessing (Ankara craft), Jamiu Hammad Adelani (Fish farming), Diogu Coda (Dog Farming), Fadiyimu Stella (Fashion Designing), Asade George (Graphic designing), Ojone Julius (Catering services).

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3. Wednesday (Symposium/ Lectures)

So far we have discussed various topics during the cause of this program like; Corona Virus in Nigeria; Science & Religion the way forward, Impact on Nasarawa state; help build Nigeria, Automation & Robotics; Threat or a prompt to poverty eradication?, 5G Network; Good or Bad for Nigeria development. The aim of this program is to find a way to contribute to the growth of the National economy and make corp members amenable for national Interest. Anchors are: Daniel Adeniran, Nkem Happiness, Diogu Coda, Sunday Ojo.

4. Thursday (Battle of the Sexes)

This is a reality show, as we have discussed so far many contemporary issues as it concerns the both sexes like; Causes and effect of Matrimonial Abuse, Sexual assault/ Molestation; who is to be blamed?, Male superiority and female inferiority. The aim of this program is to help the both sexes to know each other well for a harmonious and habitable society. Anchors are: Salako Bolaji, Fesobi Deborah, Nwosu Franklyn, Ojone Julius.

5. Friday (TGIF Breakout Session)

There are five (5) Sessions, the platoon breaks out each person joins a session with a topic of interest;  Zero Hunger, No Poverty, Quality education, Good Health and well being, Clean water & Sanitation. At the end, each session make a report back to the general platform. The aim of this program is to inculcate discipline, patriotic and loyal service to Nigeria in any situation we find ourselves. It is inform of the normal Community development Service (CDS) Program. Anchors are: Asade George, Nicholet Emeka, Zaniab Aliyu, Edet Bisbong.

6. Saturday (Intercultural Dialogue)

Many topics have been discussed and studied in this program like; Improving Nigerians unity through cultural understanding, Unity in diversity, one color one people. This program have given avenue for inter tribe Language, culture and tradition learning. The aim of this program is to develop a common tie amongst us and promote National unity and integration and to clear prejudice, bias and eliminate ignorance to have a first hand the similarities amongst the Nigerian ethnic groups.

7. Sunday (Social Night/ Feedback)

On this day the group has a liberal group for more socialization, making jokes and sharing funny experiences. Mostly, share camp experiences. As Socrates would say “An unexamined life is not worth living”, we also use this opportunity to make judgement over the program performance from the previous week to enable build and make better program the upper week.

The platoon leader, Franklyn Nwosu also uses this medium to call on other platoon leaders in their various capacity, try to Make this dream come to a reality, not letting the youths that have gone home to just remain relaxed and have nothing doing. They could use this opportunity to groom themselves also in line with what the NYSC has in mind for us and with this at hand we can truly impact positively to Nigeria.

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Covid-19 & 5G Network: A Reproach to the Conspiracy Theory

Covid-19 & 5G Network: A Reproach to the Conspiracy Theory

Globally, there has been a terrific uproar among humans about the emergence of 5G Network and its mysterious connection with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and Antichrist. A lot has been said and discussed about this development. But, in this wonderful article, there will be an intensive, educational and engaging discourse on Covid-19 & 5G Network, how they are connected, the truth behind the development, the need, relevance, importance, function, role and implication of 5G Network to the global and contemporary society.

Corona Virus

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The disease was first identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, the capital of China’s Hubei province, and has since spread globally, resulting in the ongoing 2019–20 Coronavirus pandemic. 

Common symptoms include fevercough and shortness of breath. Other symptoms may include fatigue, muscle paindiarrhoeasore throatloss of smell and abdominal pain. While the majority of cases result in mild symptoms, some progress to viral pneumonia and multi-organ failure. As of 6 April 2020, more than 1,280,000cases of have been reported in more than 200 countries and territories, resulting in more than 70,500 deaths. More than 270,000 people have recovered.

The 5G Network

5G is a new kind of network: a platform for innovations that will not only enhances today’s mobile broadband services but will also expand mobile networks to support a vast diversity of devices and services and connect new industries with improved performance, efficiency, and cost. 5G will redefine a broad range of industries with connected services from retail to education, transportation to entertainment, and everything in between. We see 5G as technology as transformative as the automobile and electricity.

 In general, 5G use cases can be broadly categorized into three main types of connected services:

  • Enhanced Mobile Broadband: 5G will not only make our smartphones better, but it will also usher in new immersive experiences, such as VR and AR, with faster, more uniform data rates, lower latency, and cost-per-bit.
  • Mission-Critical communications: 5G will enable new services that can transform industries with ultra-reliable/available, low latency links—such as remote control of critical infrastructure, vehicles, and medical procedures.
  • Massive Internet of Things: 5G will seamlessly connect a massive number of embedded sensors in virtually everything through the ability to scale down in data rates, power and mobility to provide extremely lean/low-cost solutions.

The Need, Importance, Relevance & Implication of 5G Network

Global Importance

The spectrum used for mobile communications is becoming congested. Current networks cannot always meet consumer demands for data. During periods of heavy use, consumers may experience slow speeds, unstable connections, delays, or loss of service. The effects can range from annoyances like a streaming movie freezing to life-threatening transmission delays between first responders in an emergency.

Importance on Economy, Technology and Business

The demand for data will continue to grow as the number of devices connected to the internet grows. The number of smartphone users in the United States has increased from nearly 63 million in 2010 to an estimated 238 million in 2018. In 2018 there were 17.8 billion connected devices globally, 7 billion of which were connected devices such as smart home equipment. By 2025 the total number of connected devices is projected to exceed 34 billion.

Importance on Industries as related to Business

Industries and consumers will rely on 5G networks to power the devices and transmit the data that drive their daily activities. They will need networks that can provide constant connections, minimal lag times, increased bandwidth to access and share data, and the ability to quickly compile and compute data.

Importance on the Healthcare Sector

In the health care sector, 5G could enable services such as remote patient monitoring, consultation, and even remote surgery. In transportation, 5G will be the backbone that autonomous vehicles rely on. A 2017 study from Deloitte estimated, “self-driving cars enabled by wireless connectivity could reduce emissions by 40-90%, travel times by nearly 40% and delays by 20%.” Before every pandemic of the last 150 years, there was a quantum leap in the electrification of the Earth.

The Conspiracy Theory on Covid-19 & 5G Network

While a conspiracy theory might be taken to mean any explanation of an event or situation involving a conspiracy, in popular usage (as opposed to technical legal usage) the term carries the pejorative connotation that the appeal to a conspiracy is implausible and based on prejudice or insufficient evidence.

Conspiracy theories resist falsification and are reinforced by circular reasoning: both evidence against the conspiracy and an absence of evidence for it are re-interpreted as evidence of its truth, whereby the conspiracy becomes a matter of faith rather than something that can be proved or disproved.

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Research suggests that conspiracist ideation belief in conspiracy theories can be psychologically harmful or pathological and that it is highly correlated with psychological projectionparanoia and Machiavellianism.

In the thesis statement of a YouTube video with the innocuous title “Dr. Thomas Cowan, M.D. Discusses the Coronavirus.” The 10-minute video features a man lecturing in front of a whiteboard. It looks like any other low-budget conference video, but that thesis—that pandemics are linked to the “electrification” of the Earth—got certain people’s attention. The video, which was posted March 18, has now been watched more than 660,000 times and has inspired a rather curious, rather dangerous conspiracy theory that the New 5G mobile networks are causing the spread of COVID-19.

5G mobile networks promise faster transmission speeds and lower latency. They’ve been the centrepiece of commercials from various mobile carriers, and they have become a battleground for technological dominance between the United States and China. In 2019, the Trump administration announced their plan for “winning the race” for 5G, and tech sources bemoaned that the United States had fallen behind China in 5G development. Some of the first 5G networks were activated in 2019, and that newness is how 5G somehow got linked to COVID-19 in some people’s minds.

But while the circumstances of this specific conspiracy are unique, the links between mobile networks and disease are a prime example of how history repeats itself. Almost every new wireless infrastructure gets linked to disease in one form or another.

A Reproach to the Conspiracy Theory

There seems to be a high level of disagreement to claims that there is a link between the 5G network, Coronavirus and anti-Christ. For the past few days, popular pastors and politicians have found a way to link the 5G network with spiritual things and Coronavirus epidemic.

Recall that Oyakhilome, a Nigerian Pastor, told his members in a sermon that the 5G was part of the new world order  where some figures of authority in the world were trying to build a religion, economy and government for the entire universe.Quoting Revelation Chapter 13, he said there is no need for a vaccine, adding that these are part of the Antichrist’s plan for a new world order.

However, Ashimolowo, another Nigerian Clergyman,  countered Oyakilome’s statement, explaining that there was no correlation between 5G and end-time signs.

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Covid-19 & 5G Network: A Reproach to the Conspiracy Theory

Globally there has been a terrific uproar among humans about the emergence of G Network and its mysterious connection with the ongoing Covid- pandemic and Antichrist A lot has been

Mathew Ashimolowo warned Christians not to join Christian leaders in promoting conspiracy theories. According to him, all those claims were conspiracy theories that had nothing to do with the anti-Christ. He maintained that COVID-19 was a pandemic and must be dealt with as such.

“If coronavirus is caused by 5G, why is it in his village that does not have a 5G?

“It has always been the nature of Christian leaders to plant fear in their members whenever there was going to be a major world occurrence. The church should be more concerned about preparing their members for the Second Coming of the Lord instead of condemning a major technological breakthrough.

It’s fake news to associate 5G to coronavirus.

COVID-19 AND ISOLATION: Leprosy as a case study

Leprosy was the scourge of the ancient world. Nothing evoked more fear, more dread, or more revulsion than the sight of these walking dead. That is what a leper was called, a walking dead man. The smell of his decaying flesh would announce his coming long before the tattered scraps of his clothing would be seen, or his raspy “Unclean! Unclean!” announcement he was required to declare, could be heard. The stumbling shuffle of toeless feet, the wandering of sightless eyes and the moan of a cheek less mouth, all pointed to Leprosy, this unseen attacker that slowly destroyed human bodies, and made the individual an untouchable to society.

Leprosy is a vivid and graphic physical picture of the spiritual defilement of sin. Sin is ugly, loathsome, incurable, and contaminating; it separates men from God and makes them outcasts. The instructions given to the priests in Leviticus 13 help us understand the nature of sin: Sin is inside us, deeper than the skin (Leviticus 13:3); sin also spreads (Leviticus 13:8); sin always defiles.

Evaluation and Conclusion

I urge each and every one of us to discard this concept and idea of always reconciling societal issues, necessary human conditions and experience with Religion. The Christianity we practice today should display an exemplary with the teachings of Christ and religious leaders should focus on the preparation of their members to embrace the second coming of our Lord Christ rather than promoting fake propaganda.

I keep on asking the world this question; The Christianity we practice today is it the same Christianity that the followers of Christ practiced and they were called Christ-like people in Antioch of Pisidia? Why do we always link everything to religion! Few years back Ebola was a pandemic disease that faced some part of the world, Africa precisely but through God’s intervention it came to pass.

During the time of Christ, Leprosy disease was also a threat to humanity but when the untouchable is touched by Jesus (cf. Leviticus 13:42), “Immediately the leprosy left him and he was cured.” ‘‘They were tempted to put their security in their own possessions and in their political alliances with other nations rather than in God. Hosea called his people to return to God to receive pardon, healing, and restoration. God does not abandon us; God goes with us, even now in this time of trial and testing.

In this moment, it is important for us to anchor our hearts in the hope that we have in Jesus Christ and reconcile with God seeking for forgiveness of sins. Now is the time to intensify our prayers and sacrifices for the love of God and the love of our neighbour.

Corona Virus Update in Nigeria – Symptoms and Effective Preventive Measures

Corona Virus Update in Nigeria – Symptoms and Effective Preventive Measures

Corona Virus Confirmed In Nigeria

The deadly Corona Virus, which has escalate beyond limit in most countries all over the world, has finally been confirmed in Nigeria. There is urgent need to enlighten everybody about what Corona Virus is all about, its symptoms and how to prevent Corona Virus. All these would be made open as you read.

Update: 7th/ April /20 –

As at this day, Nigeria has confirmed 30 cases of corona virus.

303 Active Persons

5 Death Registered

and 5 total discharged persons.

Lagos state, among few other states out of 36 states has ordered the closure of schools and churches because of this inauspicious condition.

However, it’s disheartening that the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, has been dumb about the whole issue.

Many residents have argued that “if they are asked to stay indoors, then who will feed them or won’t they eat some food regularly?”


What is Corona Virus?

Corona Virus Confirmed in Nigeria..

Symptoms of Corona Virus

How to prevent Corona Virus

What to do Every Morning

What is Corona Virus

Corona virus is a certain type of virus that dangerously affect the respiratory tracts of mammals, birds, and humans too. It focuses on the lung and other respiratory tracts.

According to some certified doctors, Corona virus is associated with common cold, bronchitis, pneumonia, and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), as well as the gut.

More than 70 years ago, scientists and physicians researched and found out that corona virus can infect mice, rats, dogs, cats, turkeys, pigs, horses, cattle as well as other animals. And, these different animals can transmit corona virus to humans or to other animals whether directly or indirectly.

How it Spreads

Coronavirus disease spreads primarily through contact with an infected person when they cough or sneeze. It also spreads when a person touches a surface or object that has the virus on it, then touches their eyes, nose, or mouth.

Corona Virus Confirmed in Nigeria

Corona virus officially started in China and, over time, it has escalated to many other countries such as America, Iran, Australia, Philippines, as well as some African countries.

In Africa, there are four countries that have been confirmed positive of the virus including Egypt, Algeria, South Africa, and, recently, Nigeria. However, the virus was confirmed in Nigeria at the late hours of yesterday being Thursday, 27th February 2020.

According to some verified accounts, the virus was transmitted to a Nigerian by an Italian man who works in Nigeria. It may be the case that the Virus has entered Nigeria ever since, but was only confirmed yesterday as Nigeria is always behind time. It may also be the case that there are more than 200 people with the virus now in Nigeria. Who cares to run tests to ascertain? Both the medical sector and the government do not have all it takes to make a follow-up.

Symptoms of Corona Virus

Symptoms of Corona Virus

There are different symptoms of Corona Virus. They are;

  1. Sneezing
  2. Runny Nose
  3. Fatigue
  4. Sore Throat
  5. Fever in rare cases
  6. Exacerbated Asthma
  7. Pneumonia

Cold- or flu-like symptoms usually occur from 2–4 days after a corona virus infection and are typically mild. However, symptoms vary from person-to-person, and some forms of the virus can be fatal.

Scientists cannot easily cultivate human corona viruses in the laboratory unlike the rhinovirus, which is another cause of the common cold. This makes it difficult to gauge the impact of the corona virus on national economies and public health.

How to Prevent Corona Virus

It is unfortunate that there is no cure yet for Corona Virus. So, there are only preventive measures and minor treatments. Everybody is advised to take these preventive measures below:

  1. Drinking enough water.
  2. Avoiding smoking and smoky areas.
  3. Maximum rest and avoiding overexertion.
  4. Taking acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or naproxen for pain and fever.
  5. Using a clean humidifier or cool mist vaporizer.
  6. Washing your hands regularly with clean water and disinfectant.
  7. Using mask to cover the nose and mouth especially in public areas.
  8. Avoid touching your nose mouth, eyes or ears with your hand.

However, it has been confirmed that Chloroquine, an outdated anti-malarial drugs, has the ability to tackle Corona virus to a certain extent…

What to Do Every Morning

Do This test every morning -COVID 19 CHECK

The new NCP corona virus may not show sign of infection for many days then how can one know if he/ she is infected ?
Latest information is that the incubation period may be up to 28 days before the symptoms of COVID 19 are evident.

By the time a person has fever and/or cough and goes to the hospital, the lungs are usually 50 % Fibrosis and it’s too late !

Taiwan experts provide a simple self-check that everybody can do every morning ;

Self-check Yourself Every Morning

Take a deep breath and hold your breath for more than 10 seconds.
If you complete it successfully without coughing, without discomfort, stuffiness or tightness , etc , it proves there is no fibrosis in the lungs, basically indicating no infection.

In critical times, please self-check every morning in an environment with clean air!

SERIOUS EXCELLENT ADVICE by Japanese doctors treating COVID-19 cases.

Everyone should ensure that the mouth & throat is moist, never DRY.
Take a few sips of water every 15 mins at least.

Even if the virus does enter into your mouth…drinking water or other liquids will WASH them down through your oesophagus and into the stomach.
Once there , your stomach ACID’s will kill all the virus.
If you don’t drink enough water more regularly…the virus can enter your windpipes and into the LUNGS.
That’s very dangerous.

We create out time to make this research and publish it. Kindly share it using the social media button here.. and feel free to drop your comments below.

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Update: The America and Iran Crisis – World War III Looming

Update: The America and Iran Crisis – World War III Looming

World War III Looming: The American – Iran Saga

Tension has seriously gone high as there has been series of predictions and speculations of another impending World War of which America and Iran has been in the center of the picture, as the result of the killing of the Iran Major General Qasem Soleimani. – America and Iran Crisis –

General Soleimani was killed on 3rd January 2020 around 01:00 am.1 by the American MQ-9 Reap drone,2 which was authorized by the American President, Donald Trump who claims that the airstrike was ordered to stop a war.

Furthermore, President Trump maintained that the justification to the airstrike was due to the fact that, Qasem Soleimani was plotting imminent and sinister attacks on American diplomats and Military Personnel.3

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Donald Trump claims that he was caught in the act as reported by the headquarters of the US department of defense. Trump, turning to his tweeter handle on Friday, stressed that “Soleimani had killed or badly wounded thousands of Americans… And was plotting to kill many more and should have been taken out many years ago… While Iran will never be able to properly admit it, Soleimani was both hated and feared within the country.”4

However, there has been series of events that led to the killing of Qasem Soleimani. On the 13th of April 2017, world news Reuters reported that the United States, on Thursday, sanctioned Sohrab Soleimani, the brother of the grand commander of Iran’s revolutionary Guards General Qasen Soleimani. 

White House spokesman, Sean Spicer, told a press briefing, “the sanctions against Human Rights abusers in Iran’s prisons comes at a time when Iran continues to unjustly detain various foreigners, including U. S citizens “.5

Qasem Soleimani was also listed by U. S government as a known terrorist, which prohibits U.S Citizens from doing any form of business with him. This was made by the office of the spokesman Washington, DC October 25th 2007: “the treasury department also designated the IRGC (Iranian revolutionary Guard Corps) Quds Force IRGC – QF under E.O 13224 for aiding and providing Material support to the Taliban and Other terrorist Organizations, and Iran’s state – owned Bank Saderat as a terrorist financier.”6

For financing military actions in Syria, providing support for terrorism in the region, was sanctioned by the United States department of the  treasury on 13th November 2018, an Iraqi military leader named Shibl Muhsin Ubayd Al-Zaydi and others who allegedly were acting on Qasem Soleimani‘s behalf.7

The United State President, Donald Trump, said that the White House may discuss releasing the surveillance intelligence on Soleimani.8 The Iran government in response to the death of General Qasem Soleimani, has labelled the American airstrike, as an act of terrorism and war.  And the prime minister of Iran has vowed that “hash revenge awaits the American Government and the White House9 and has promised to target various American assets in Iran.

Many countries have reacted to the American airstrike.  Syria of course has harshly condemned the US actions, calling it “A treacherous American criminal aggression”. Russia another world power has also condemned the strike and says that American decision will only increase tensions throughout the Middle East.

However, China which is a close ally of Iran and an opponent of the U. S presence in Iraq condemns the use of force in international relations. However, countries like Israel, Germany, Britain has given a positive view of the American airstrike on Soleimani but has urged cautions and restraints.10

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Receiving the revenge threats by Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the U.S president on a tweet has strongly maintained that the American government would strike 52 sites in Iran, if they should retaliate or cause any harm to any American citizen or official.  The number 52 according to the U.S presidency, represents the 52 American hostages taken by Iran many years ago.11

Nevertheless, tension goes high as America intensifies it’s security force after the recent attack on the American Embassy in Iran.  This leads to the question begging for an answer, if the Iran would respond to their threats of war and possible World War III.

-America and Iran Crisis-


  1. Wikipedia, “Qasem Soleimani,”.
  2. Strong Steinbuch, “The Events that led to US killing of Iranian Gently. Qassem Soleimani.
  3. Nytimes,”the killing of Gen.Qassm Suleimani: what we know since the U.S. Airstrike.
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  5. Reuters, “U. S sanctions brother of Iran’s Questions Force Commander : White House.
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  11. VOA,  “US, Iran Trade threats following Iran Generals killing.

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Market Research

Business companies use statistics in market research, evaluation, and product development. Managers would want to monitor the demands of a product. Some questions are vital in market research that is if there is enough demand to justify spending money to develop a product? Companies, from a statistical analysis, use a break-even model, which is constructed to determine the volume of sales necessary for the product to succeed.


An important role of statistics in business is that it is expressed as a percentage ratio, average, a medium, and even a raw number. What is vital is that the method used to calculate the statistics is uniform in each time.

Rational Decision Making

Statistical analysis enables an enterprise to measure the performances of a business and identify trends. This enables the enterprise to make a sound or rational decision, knowing that their judgment is based on data and facts and not on mere assumptions. Better planning and predictions are made through statistical analysis of data and figures.

Management performance / Forecasting

The Usage of Statistics in business and management are limitless, with the proper skill to implement statistical methods. Managers can increase the production capacity of any plant or find out the optimum production capacity, efficient management of work and employee performance, limit the wastage of resources, etc.

However, by using historical data, managers can analyze past successes and failures. This is known as “cause and effect analysis“. Furthermore, managers using predictive analysis of statistical techniques (such as data mining and modeling) can predict future possibilities and trends based on historical data. This goes beyond reporting what has happened to create best estimates for what will happen. Nevertheless, some common applications of predictive analytics include fraud detection and security, risk assessment, marketing, and operations.

Notably, there are limitations in business statistics. This is because statistics focus only on quantitative characteristics, this is to say that statistics are numerical propositions or statements of facts. Therefore, data that cannot be expressed numerically are incapable of statistical analysis. Furthermore, statistics focuses on aggregates and not with individuals.

Also, statistical laws are not perfectly accurate. This is to say that since statistics deals with such characteristics that are affected by a multiplicity of causes, so it is not possible to study the effect of these factors.

Results following these limitations are not accurate but approximate. It can also be established that statistics can be misused by data placed on an inexperienced person which may lead to wrong results. Note that only persons having a fundamental knowledge of statistical methodology can handle the data properly.

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The Effect of Neocolonialism on Africa: Nigeria as a Case Study

The Effect of Neocolonialism on Africa: Nigeria as a Case Study

What better word portrays the act of the leaders of the country, Nigeria? Several studies on the theme of neocolonialism have been conducted and are still going on to examine the impact of neocolonialism on developing countries in Africa as the case may be. Also, we shall discuss the negative effects of neocolonialism, the impact of neocolonialism in Africa, the effect of neocolonialism in politics, and the present status of African societies.

To understand how neocolonialism has impacted the developing country of Africa, Nigeria, it will be imperative to understand the present status quo in Africa societies.

With that in mind, it is no news that Africa is a stricken and misery society. It is also no secret that Africa is wallowing extremely well behind other developing nations in Asia and South America and definitely behind western civilization the united state and Western Europe.

Neocolonialism in Africa
Neocolonialism in Nigeria

Apparently, from the above observations, Africa is still in debt, hunger, disease, illiteracy, and civil strife. To a very reasonable extent, many argue that the condition in Africa is, in fact, worse today than it was at the end of colonialism under the European nation in the 1960s and 1970s. Observing the living condition of the rapidly growing population, it is apparent that this is actually the case.

 Tracing the cause of the problem, Mard (1978), noted that the foundation of today’s conditions in Africa was laid long ago by European through violence, slavery, and colonization.

It is worthy of note to mention that many African nationalist and critic of colonialism see the independence gain from the withdrawing colonial power only partial liberation, some call it falls independence.

Africa nations are said to be currently in a phrase of neocolonialism, a new form of imperial rule stage-managed by the colonial power to give the colonies the illusion of freedom. Western power still controls the African nations whose rulers are either willing puppets or involuntary subordinates of this power.

In the case of Nigeria, which is the case study of this article, since Britain dismantled its colonial administration in Nigeria on October 1, 1960, Nigeria has come to be regarded throughout Africa as a classic case of Neocolonialism state.

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The reasons for these attitudes are to be found in some of the development of Nigeria before and after the countries attainment of political independence.

One of the first moves in a conscious effort to prepare Nigeria for eventual independence was the introduction of a new constitution. The Richard constitution of 1945, a constitution named in honor of its proponent, Sir Arthur Richards who was then the Governor of Nigeria.

The essence of neocolonialism is that the state which is subjected to it is, in theory, independent and has all the outward trappings of international sovereignty. In reality its economic system and thus its political policy is directed from outside.

Nkrumah argues that neocolonialism was conceived as a measure of remedying a potentially dangerous situation that confronted the rich capitalist Western Europe after war world 1. Before the war the ‘great guff between the few rich and the many poor’ in the capitalist country of Europe has forced some alliance between colonial subjects and workers in the capitalist centers. (Nkrumah 1965).

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Most of this effects include;

  1. It leads to death due to the cooperation of Neocolonialism in the LDC like importing expired drugs civil war etc where developed countries sell weapons to the fighting of summation.
  2. It leads to the perpetuation of economic exploitation of the LDC’s (Least Development)by big power that usually tended to exploit resources for their benefit by using their back door; hence LDCs tend to stagnate economically.
  3. It leads to economic dependence and problem due to export and import economy, harsh economic condition part by developing countries to the LDCs and control of the world market in wish the prices of agricultural materials from LDCs keep on changing due to price inflation.
  4. It perpetuates cultural imperialism/imposition western culture in LDCs were by people of the LDCs tend to adopt follow, respect, and obey the culture of Europeans such as dressing style, marriage, eating style, and neglecting their own culture.

Impact of Colonialism and Post Colonialism in Nigeria

The British colonial authority involve in agriculture for the production of certain crops such as coffee, cotton, cocoa, rubber, groundnut, hide and skin, with the production of this agricultural crops, new cash crops were introduced so that the inhabitant will no longer rely on food crops but also to exploit crops. The effect of colonialism also established industries and commercial ventures for easy exploitation and extraction of raw materials from Nigeria.

Political Impact

It is worthy to note that the indirect rule by the European helps to groom the traditional rulers through there participation in the administration of their respective society which eventually helps in the preparation of self-rule. More so the training received from the colonial master by the ex-servicemen help in the preparation for self-rule.

Social Impact

Socially, the colonial masters alongside the Christian missionaries brought education to Nigeria in 1842. The curriculum of alien education was based on three(3) things which means reading, writing, and arithmetic. Education brought by the colonial master brought together Nigeria of different backgrounds and cultures.

It also brought the English language as an official language in Nigeria serve as a medium of communication among various ethnic groups with different cultures and this brought mutual understanding towards nation-building.

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