IMSU 2020/2021 Post-Utme & Direct Entry Registration | Officially Open

IMSU 2020/2021 Post-Utme & Direct Entry Registration | Officially Open


The management of Imo State University (IMSU), Owerri, announces to the general public, especially its prospective students, that the registration for 2020/2021 POST-UTME & DIRECT ENTRY screening exercise has commenced. The prospective students are hereby advised to go the official website at to register.

In order to be eligible or the registration/screening, these factors must be considered.

Eligibility Status

  1. The candidate must have chosen Imo State University as his/her first choice during Jamb registration.
  2. The candidate must score the required cut-off mark of 180 and above.
  3. The candidates who did not choose IMO State University as first choice University but scored the required cut-off mark can also apply on the condition that they visit the JAMB website for a change of Institution.
  4. All candidates must have five (5) O’ level credits in relevant subjects at not more than two (2) sittings.
  5. Candidates with awaiting O’ level results can also apply but they will not be considered for admission until their results are out.

How to apply or IMSU 2020/2021 POST-UTME

  1. Visit and select post- UTME/DE on the admission dropdown menu.
  2. You will be directed to the Post-UTME/Direct Entry Page at
  3. Click on register on the top banner and register with your jamb number, valid phone number and email. If your registration is successful, an account would be created automatically which you would use to apply for the post –UTME/DE
  4. Click on apply for post-UTME/DE and make payment of two thousand naira (N2000) with your Interswitch enabled debit card
  5. If your payment is successful, a post-UTME/DE application form would open; fill the form completely and correctly and then click submit at the bottom of the form.
  6. If you were unable to complete your application for any reason, you can always go back to the post- UTME/DE page at and click on login, to login to your account and complete your application before the closing date – 30th November 2020
  7. After submitting your application form, print the acknowledgement slip. 

Please take note of the following:

  1. Every candidate must provide a valid email address and phone number.
  2. All application must be filled and submitted online on or before the closing date.
  3. Any wrong information given shall disqualify the candidate.
  4. Portal opens 10th September and closes 30th November 2020

Cut off Marks for each of the Faculties in IMSU

The following are the cut off marks for each of the faculties present In IMSU.

Library and Information Science – 206
Guidance and Counselling – 182
Mechanical Engineering – 221
Food Science and Technology – 200
Education and Psychology – 193

Education and Mathematics – 186
Electrical and Electronics Engineering – 229
Civil Engineering – 220
Education and Geophysics – 186
Education and Fine and Applied Arts – 194

Agricultural Engineering – 180
Zoology – 257
Education and Economics – 208
Education and Accounting – 182
Statistics – 182

Physics – 192
Educational Foundation – 182
Educational Administration – 190
Microbiology/Industrial Microbiology – 245
Industrial Physics – 191

Computer Science – 238
Chemistry/Industrial Chemistry – 207
Biochemistry – 230
Botany – 189
Psychology – 214

Political Science – 240
Geography and Environmental Management – 188
Mass Communication – 237
Economics – 233
Soil Science and Biotechnology – 198

Crop Science and BioTechnology – 183
Animal Science and Fisheries – 181
Agricultural Economics and Extension – 182
Religious Studies – 180
Philosophy – 188

Igbo and Linguistics – 188
History and International Studies – 220
Urban and Regional Planning – 87
Quantity Surveying – 191
Land Surveying – 192

Fine and Applied Arts – 184
Surveying and Geoinformatics – 180
Building – 190
Architecture – 220
Nutrition and Dietetics – 202

Nursing Science – 205
Biochemistry – 230
Medical Laboratory Science – 200
Optometry – 249
Accountancy – 236

Marketing- 215
Management – 220
Insurance – 192
Banking and Finance – 229

Best of luck to all Imsu prospective students. 

Philosophical Ethics: Role and Purpose in the Society

Philosophical Ethics: Role and Purpose in the Society

Philosophical Ethics

Introduction to Ethics

Ethics is commonly defined as the sign that indicates what man has to do in order to be good, that is, worthy of being human. It is a science of what man has to be; this is because moral life is not only doing what in its strict sense but also in being in his entire existence, the ultimate ethical concern is, how should we be? What must we do to realize fully our human personality? This is the fundamental question of philosophical ethics. While other animals are simply trained to adapt, man is different from animals because of ethics, value, and aesthetics (i.e. beauty), this is because man is a valuing animal.

He cherishes, appreciates, wants, desires, and needs certain things. For instance, we value education and pursue it as an intrinsic value, that is, value for its own sake and for instrumental purposes. (intrinsic value is something that has value in itself, for instance, Education- on the other hand, money has an instrumental value). For the material benefits it offers man in terms of social mobility, status, and salary, these things make meaning only to axiology and its component, that is aesthetics, morality, ethics, and their bearing to man.

Ethics is a normative science of human conduct, it tells you what you should do in order to be a good person. A science that gives you norms on what you have to do, it describes the way things ought to be, equating ethics with logic, we can say that it is the science of right conduct. The concept of man reveals that man is a rational animal capable of human desires, emotions, attitudes, and passions.

Philosophers are divided on whether morality is a function of reason or a function of passion. According to Omoregbe 1993, on his contemporary morality, ‘some argue that while it is the function of reason or passion, However, both morality and passions are innate in man, man is the only being that combines both, hence moral sphere is uniquely human, man is, therefore, a harmonious blend of passions and reason, why is it harmonious? Passion is part of man, while not denying it, we cannot allow the passion.

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The Concept of Ethics

Ethics is the most important and functioning branch of philosophy today. In general, ethics is moral philosophy. The term ethics is derived from Greek term Ethos which means custom or character, hence our human values and virtues. Therefore, our actions and our experiences in everyday life are the subjects of ethics. In other words, ethics is the study of what is wrong and what is right. Good-evil, right- wrong, virtue – vice, justice, and injustice are some ethical concepts. Ethics is divided into two parts: theoretical ethics and applied ethics.

Theoretical Ethics

Theoretical ethics includes normative ethics, descriptive ethics, and Meta-ethics. Normative ethics is the study of what makes actions right and wrong. Meta-ethics is about the theoretical meaning and reference of moral propositions. Descriptive ethics is about facts. It examines ethics from observations of actual choices made by moral agents in practice.

Applied Ethics

Applied ethics refers to professional ethics, such as Medical ethics, Political Ethics, Business Ethics, and other professions. Applied ethics examines the particular ethical issues of private and public life. Professional ethics is one of the important branches of applied ethics. In general professional ethics can be defined as standards or codes to provide people with guidance in their professional lives. In general, there are four basic principles in ethical codes: Honesty, Confidentiality, Conflict of interest, Responsibilities

Purpose of Ethics

Ethics is a systematic study of the norms of human behavior. The purpose of studying these norms is to ensure that human behavior conforms to them, the study of ethics can be compared to the study of Logic, the study of Logic helps one to think more correctly and avoid fallacies.

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The study of theology helps one to deepen one’s religious outlook, the same applies to Ethics, and the study of ethics helps one to elevate one’s moral standard. The study of ethics should enable us to see the effect in our conduct and other people’s conduct, it helps us to live in a normative way and to understand the exact nature of things, to be able to set things in our conduct and make profitable suggestion to others.

We compared ethics to logic, but it does not follow that the study of logic is a precondition for correct reasoning. Just like the study of Ethics won’t be a reason for not behaving correctly. For philosophers have said that knowledge is virtue and ignorance is vice- Plato, those who err, for ignorance. –Socrates’ ethics as we have seen is a study of human action, it is concerned with what is good as distinct from what is bad, what is duty, and obligation. Right and wrong.

Ethics is related to education, thus the saying of Plato, knowledge is virtue and ignorance is vice. In this way we can say that ethics is related to education because ignorance of it is bad, we educate man to enable him to understand the negative and positive aspects of life and be responsible for any of it. This is because Socrates and Plato argued that ignorance is the mal-behavior.

Knowledge helps us to unveil us from the darkness of ignorance, man, as we saw earlier, needs education, this makes him more to live by certainty than by chance, it enables man to control his environment through his interaction to suit his purposes; since man is capable of doing good or bad, he needs to be prepared to do good at all times through education on ethics, this is what makes education a value-laden enterprise because it aims at the betterment of man in order to live better in the society.


The Educational Implication of the Study of Ethics in Philosophy

The Educational Implication of the Study of Ethics in Philosophy

Philosophical Ethics: Educational Implication

In every philosophical quest, there must be a raw material to be rationalized, and in ethics the material is action. At present, ethics has an important place in all areas of life. Education is also a fundamental process of human life. Therefore, in education, ethics has a very important and effective role. In order to be a good human person, ethics should be placed as a course in the educational system. This interesting discourse focuses on what education gains from the study of Ethics, and why it is important to teach Ethics in Educational systems. Before discussing this issue, it is necessary to define what ethics is and what education is.


From the study of Ethics, one can deduce several educational implications. In our contemporary world, ethics is priced high in all spheres of life. Ethics has also become important in education because education is a fundamental process of human life. Therefore, ethics as a subject is paramount in education. In order to understand the importance of ethics, ethics should be placed as a course in the educational system. 

The Concept of Ethics

Ethics is the most important and functioning branch of philosophy today. In general, ethics is moral philosophy. The term ethics is derived from Greek term Ethos which means custom or character, hence our human values and virtues. Therefore, our actions and our experiences in everyday life are the subjects of ethics. In other words, ethics is the study of what is wrong and what is right. Good-evil, right-wrong, virtue- vice, justice, and injustice are some ethical concepts. Ethics is divided into two parts: theoretical ethics and applied ethics.

Human Histology of the Bone

Introduction Bone is a mineralized connective tissue that exhibits four types of cells osteoclasts bone lining cells osteocytes and osteoclasts Bone exerts important functions in the body such as locomotion

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Theoretical Ethics

Theoretical ethics includes normative ethics, descriptive ethics, and Meta-ethics. Normative ethics is the study of what makes actions right and wrong. Meta-ethics is about the theoretical meaning and reference of moral propositions. Descriptive ethics is about facts. It examines ethics from observations of actual choices made by moral agents in practice.

Applied Ethics

Applied ethics refers to professional ethics, such as Medical ethics, Political Ethics, Business Ethics, and other professions. Applied ethics examines the particular ethical issues of private and public life. Professional ethics is one of the important branches of applied ethics. In general professional ethics can be defined as standards or codes to provide people with guidance in their professional lives. In general, there are four basic principles in ethical codes: Honesty, Confidentiality, Conflict of interest, Responsibilities

The Concept of Education

Ex vi termini, education is any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character, or physical ability of an individual. Etymologically, the word education is derived from the Latin Educo which means educate, train. Education is a process of learning and acquiring information. It means teaching and learning.

The history of education dates to the human history itself. Education is also a way to become civilized individuals and maximize potentials. Culture and cultural heritage can be transmitted by education because the main occupation of man is to pass knowledge, skills, and attitude from one generation to another. In ancient Greece, some philosopher’s views of education such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle contribute to the development of our present educational system.

In general, they (philosophers) all believe that the purpose of education is that improve humankind. Socratic Method is still used in modern educational practices. In this method, teachers ask some questions to improve the intellectual abilities of students and students try to answer these questions by using their reasons.

Today’s educational theories are based on the philosophies of these philosophers. See The Relevance of Amos Cornelius Education Theory.

Plato, the founder of Idealism, claimed that the aim of education was to develop an individual’s abilities to better serve society. He also was the founder of Academy, the first university in the world. For him, both men and women had the right to have an education. He claimed that there were different stages of education. According to him, education was a key element for a society.

educational implication of the study of ethics

On the other hand, Aristotle who was the father of realism believed that only citizens could be educated. He believed that an educated person was a fulfilled person. He defended theoretical, practical, and technical education. Education helps the development of bodily and mental faculties. In ancient Greece, education was seen as a function of the state and the aim of it is to serve the ends of the state.

Today, education also serves both the needs of the state or society and citizens. Therefore, education is important to us. It builds character, gives knowledge, and helps to the progress of the state. Education makes a man complete and it also plays an important role in developing society and state. Schools are basic frameworks of education. School helps children to become good citizens and human beings. This is possible only by ethical education, so teaching ethics in school is important

The Philosophical Impact On The Study Of Ethics

Fostering Morality

In his book Essays on Religion and Education, the Oxford philosopher, R.M. Hare, argued that ethics can be taught in schools, because it involves learning a language with a determinate method, “such that, if you understand what a moral question is, you must know which arguments are legitimate, in the same way in which, in mathematics, if you know what mathematics is, you know that certain arguments in that field are legitimate and certain arguments not.”

As Hare argues, teaching morality is not about inculcating substantive positions. The purpose isn’t necessarily to answer questions, but to raise them, and at the same time to provide students with a method (rules, or boundaries) in accordance with which the questions must be discussed. “As in mathematics, having taught them the language,” Hare said, “we can leave them to do the sums.”

For Public Interest

Finally, there is a public interest in teaching ethics. The ability to reason morally is a fundamental requirement of good citizenship, and an aspect of “civics education” broadly understood. It is important that citizens know how laws are made, and how decisions can be challenged. But a robust democracy requires more: it requires citizens with the capacity to reflect on how their country ought to be.

Issues as diverse as taxation and inequality, the limits to free speech, and the claims of future generations, all have a moral dimension. The other, powerful change in our society that adds to the ethical imperative is the unprecedented and largely unregulated advances in science and technology that are happening across the globe.

Harnessing Unfolding Technology

The dangers of unregulated technology, of not grounding decision-making on futures in ethics are potentially catastrophic. In order for adults to begin to make the appropriate political and ethical decisions on using new technologies, we need first to start training our children to ask salient and responsible questions, based on a resolute moral and ethical framework. We need to train them to think differently.

Formation of Character and Personality

In general, ethics is associated with religion, these are two intermingled terms.

Moral and ethics are always mixed together, but they refer to different subjects. Before as we said ethics is derived from Greek term Ethos which means custom, character. On the other hand, morality is a set of beliefs and practices about how to live a good life. Morality comes from the Latin term Mores which means custom and manner.

The terms ethics and morality are often used interchangeably. They have the same roots. Their meanings are the same; custom. However, there is a distinction between them in philosophy. This distinction can be stated as morality is a first-order set of beliefs and practices about how to live a good life, ethics is a second-order, conscious reflection on the adequacy of our moral beliefs.

Indeed, Morality is used to refer to what we would call moral conduct while ethics is used to refer to the formal study of moral conduct. It can be claimed that morality is related to praxis, but ethics is related to theory.

Gardelli, Alerby, and Persons present three arguments about why ethics should be taught in schools. These arguments are socialization argument, the quality of life argument, and the tool argument. According to socialization argument school should help students to become good citizens. To do this ethics is necessary in schools.

The second argument, the quality of life argument claims that school helps students to live a good life. “Schools have an obligation to foster the students to become persons who act in a morally correct way” This is possible by ethics in school (Gardelli, 2014: 19). And according to the last argument, the tool argument, “the students’ results in other subjects would improve if the students had ethics in school”. From these arguments, it can be concluded that ethics is necessary in schools because it provides a better life for students.


In Conclusion, it can be deduced that education is nevertheless an ethical effort. Human beings can be either unfriendly or peaceful by education. The aim of ethical education is to help people to act rightly. Norms can be easily taught, but without the knowledge of Ethics, conformity to the rules becomes hard. Therefore, teaching ethics has an important and necessary place in education. I would like to end with the ellipsis of Aristotle “He who is unable to live in society, or who has no need because he is sufficient for himself, must be either a beast or a god”

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11 Important Factors that Destroy a Relationship/Marriage

11 Important Factors that Destroy a Relationship/Marriage

11 Important Factors that Destroy a Relationship/Marriage

Relationships can be very sweet, wonderful, and worth dying for. It is promising if it is flourishing. It makes the parties involved both happy and fulfilled. But how about when it is sour? When you guys can hardly hug each other. How about the parties that you guys used to go together and every other thing you did together? Of course, there are important factors that destroy a relationship/marriage.

The next thing that follows is questions, how did a relationship that proved fulfilling just turned sour and nasty? – How you went from being crazily in love with someone to being indifferent.

It is pertinent to note that love is not just enough because so many people have made such a mistake in their relationship/marriage. Love leads and can bow out if not treated with much sensitivity. So many are crazily in love but their relationships have not been the best of all.

Now, love is very important but it requires other elements in order to flourish, else it may die a natural death.

This lovely article discusses, in detail,  the 11 important factors that destroy a relationship/marriage. The relevance of this is that with the knowledge and awareness of these elements that hamper relationships, one can build his/her relationship against loopholes. Also, for those in a negative relationship, this can also be of help. At least, you can point out what or why your relationship is in such a state.

For those also whose relationships have been destroyed, you can also figure out between you both.

11 Important Factors that Destroys a Relationship/Marriage

  1. Absence of Love

The first of the list is Love. Love is like two hearts beating as one. If there is no love in a relationship, and there is no possibility of one, there can obviously be no possibility of a successful relationship. You have to decipher if your spouse is truly in love with you.

You don’t have to force someone to love you when all they want to do is to use you. Of course, you can try to make someone love you. But Hey! Always lookout. It is very not advisable and healthy to be in a relationship with someone who does not love. A relationship devoid of love will surely die a natural death.

  1. Absence of Loving

Love and loving are two different things. Love consists in a feeling whereas loving consists in giving love. They are two separate things. You don’t just love someone and stuck up in your heart. There is a need to show your love as always as possible. In a relationship, love should be expressed for the other party to know and feel it.

  1. Communication

Communication plays a super role in a relationship. It reassures. It draws spouses closer. Lack of communication destroys a relationship and keep the spouses distant from each other. A perfect relationship is one built around no secrets.


No Communication, No Relationship

Tell each other everything ranging from the good to the bad to the dirty to the nasty. If you have reached this stage in a relationship, then Congratulations! Lack of secrets brings about vulnerability and reliability as well as security and trust. Don’t joke with it. Lest I forget, women love deep talking.

Men enjoy the love of their lives while sharing their problems with them. Effective communication is very paramount in a relationship. Did your spouse do something that you are not alright with? Then, why not point it out, discuss it out with him or her and not just swallow it and keep getting hurt.

By so doing, such an act can be corrected, you get to know your spouse better and healthier, the relationship is fostered. If for example, on the bed your man is not getting it right, don’t be shy to say what you want. He is not God and he never can know what is in your head.

  1. Respect

Respect is very imperative. In fact, a relationship without mutual respect is bound to crash. Men for instance love respect. The women should not fail to give that. The woman should learn to massage the ego of her spouse.

He will surely love to be in charge or dominate a relationship, it is Okay, but they should learn to honor their women also. There must be respect for opinions, non-divulging of secrets, etc. for a relationship to grow. Also, there must be respect for wants and desire, respect for personality, respect for religion, etc.

  1. Openness

In a relationship, the lovers are required to be open to each other. Lack of openness strains a relationship Don’t hide anything from your partner. Voice it out no matter how difficult it is or how bad the situation is. One thing to consider here, always know the best time to be very open to your partner. This entails that there is the best time for such an activity as it is not advised to voice out some sensitive things when your partner is not in a good mood.

  1. Fakeness (Not Being Real)

A relationship started on fake background and lies, has not been built on a solid foundation and hence can crumble at any time. In a relationship, one doesn’t have to fake anything. In this contemporary time, many people fake their hips, breast, dick, and some other fakable parts of the body.

10 important factors that destroy a relationship/marriage

Be Real with your Partner, Fakeness is not an Option.

Again, you don’t have to present yourself as a virgin just to impress a man whereas you are not. You don’t have to borrow a house or cars and say it is yours just to send a message to a woman. One day it will surely blow up. There is a need for self-confidence and content with what you have. If your spouse will like you, it’s fine, if not, it’s okay.

Don’t go becoming something you are not. Be yourself; present yourself as you are. You don’t have to change your personality or dressing for someone. A relationship started on illusion is bound to fail. It will bring about discomfort and distrust.

  1. Lack of Trust

If you are having trust issues with your spouse, then too bad. Trust, apart from love, binds a relationship and secures it from a third party. If you don’t trust your spouse, someone can walk up and say nonsense about your spouse and you believe and act without good verification.11 Important Factors that destroy a relationship/marriage

If one doesn’t trust you, the person won’t like you to work for him/her. The same applies to a relationship. Lack of trust brings about confusion. There is this joy that comes with knowing that someone trusts you even while you are away. But, if trust is not there, then it is disastrous. There will be no need for suspicion and pickiness.

  1. Ego/Unforgiveness

Unforgiveness and ego may be a small one, but if not careful destroys a relationship slowly. If you are angry with your spouse over an issue, don’t let it extend for too long, it can do more harm than good.

Ego can poison a relationship. Ego can make one not to deeply apologize when he/she is wrong to his/her lover. When lovers are having the issue of saying sorry to each other or humbling themselves before their lover, it is then a very big problem. It must be recalled that Love is not boastful.

  1. Third-Party

One biggest killer of relationships is involving or inviting a third party into a relationship. In a relationship, it should be just you and your spouse – two to make one and not three or four. The decision both of you make should stay with you. People come with both jealousy, envy, and different contradicting opinions and reservations and so bring in another into your relationship affair or matrimonial affairs is a no-no. it may not go down well.

  1. Cheating

Now, this is a very huge one. While the rest can be ironed out or resolved, cheating and continuous cheating may not. Cheating infringes on the promise lovers made to themselves. Nobody wants to be cheated on an that is why there is always the feeling of jealously when one is in love with someone.

why men change in a relationship, love doctor, how to move on after a breakup

Cheating in a Relationship/Marriage

Cheating is not faithfulness. It brings about disappointment. Cheating, especially in the aspect of sex, can be very outrageous and can destroy a relationship if not stopped. It hurts and pains. The individual cheated on feels heart-broken and embittered.

  1. Sex

The last on the list is sex! Wow, no matter how you look and dismiss this element, it is very necessary in a relationship/marriage. Sex is refreshing. Now, this view may be relative as some do not entertain sex in their relationship, or for some that are single, it may be seen as fornication and being cheap.

But hey! For married couples, it is something you should constantly be doing for a healthier relationship. Sex has a way of getting people together, binding people together, and making people closer and couples closest.

Sex is a soul tie. It is like tying souls with your love. Sex with a lover can be very wonderful. If you don’t do it then, hey watch out your spouse may be getting satisfied outside and you know what that means.

Keep in mind that good sex is a good life. So, do always and every time, anywhere, anyhow, it ties.

16 Most Amazing Ways to Spice up your Sex Life Overnight

16 Most Amazing Ways to Spice up your Sex Life Overnight

Keep your Relationship & Marriage Lively and Secured

Sexuality is not about who you have sex with, or how often you have it. Sexuality is about your sexual feelings, thoughts, attractions, and behaviors towards other people. You can find other people physically, sexually, or emotionally attractive, and all those things are a part of your sexuality. Sexuality is diverse and personal, and it is an important part of whom you are. Discovering your sexuality can be a very liberating, exciting, and positive experience. 
Some people experience discrimination due to their sexuality. If someone gives you a hard time about your sexuality, it’s good to talk to someone about it.

16 Amazing Ways to spice up your Sex Life

  1. Sexting

spice up your sex life

While most ‘sexy’ text messages have about as much appeal as a dry-hump, there is indeed a way that you can make them work. Don’t go all X-Rated on your innocent iPhone, but try instead texting her about a memorable time you had sex – ‘I can’t stop thinking about that time on the beach in Mexico’ ought to do the trick. Or a similar, innuendo-ridden one-liner that’s personal to the two of you. Insert relevant time & place before she thinks you’re cheating

  1. Master the art of the ‘quickie’

how to enhance you sex life

We’re not talking mid-dishwasher loading or in the midst of an argument over taking out the bins, but don’t underestimate the impact of the element of surprise. If your sex life is more akin to attending double history on a Friday afternoon at school, than it is 50 Shades of Grey, it might be time to add some surprise. Grab her the moment you walk through the door after work, or even when she’s just stepped out of the shower. She’ll thank you later.

  1. Roleplay

amazing ways to spice up your sex life

Nothing embarrassing, but this really can be the best way to spice up your sex life.  Tell her what you want to do or indeed who you want to be and ask her what she wants.  Then all you need to do is set it up – from meeting at a bar with different names to playing it safe at home with a bit of ‘dress up’, this is guaranteed to get things back on track in the bedroom.

  1. The Gift of Giving

We’re not saying you have to spend a fortune (although she probably wouldn’t complain if you did), but leave a beautifully wrapped box at the end of her bed for when she gets home with lingerie inside is sure to put the fire back into the bedroom.  Alternatively, send flowers to her office with a suggestive note and you’ll be on her mind all day.

  1. Leave your partner a Reminder

If your sex life is becoming predictable, try spritzing her bedsheets with your aftershave when you leave in the morning, or even better if you’re out of town for a few days.  Smell is proven to be the biggest evocation of the memory of all our senses, a little reminder of what she has to look forward to will keep things fresh.

  1. Explore New Areas

Sex should be a discovery, not a destination. Explore new areas and regions to find optimum sensation central – from the base of her spine to ears and neck.

  1. Fantasy

amazing ways to spice up your sex life

If you’ve ever had a fantasy about sex (and what self-respecting man hasn’t?) then a sexual rut is the perfect time to make the fantasy a reality.

  1. Add a Little Danger

Adrenaline is one of the biggest aphrodisiacs there is. Bungy-jumping, rock-climbing, or even just sex in a public place where you might get caught is enough to bid farewell to every couples dry spell.

  1. Go ‘toy-shopping’ together

No, not for god-children or siblings, we’re talking grown-up shopping.  It doesn’t have to be the Soho kind of shop, you can keep it to on-line if you like, but a little added fun in the bedroom is no bad thing.

  1. Lay down some Rules

If your social or working calendars are so jam-packed that sex has become as rare as a stylish mullet then maybe it’s time to lay down the rules. Pick in a night in your calendar and make sure you both keep it free, maybe turn it into an entire date night – book a restaurant or have a car collect you both.

  1. Create a sexual bucket list.

If you’re in a long-term relationship, chances are good that one of you has mentioned a fantasy or two. It’s time to make some of those a reality. Next time you’re out to dinner or hanging out at home, lay down the challenge to write down five things you’d each want to try sexually. Then, swap lists, see what you had in common, and pick some things you’re both willing to try.

  1. Add some kink to your routine.

“Talk about ways you each would feel comfortable including pleasurable pain, bondage, new gadgets, or role-plays into your relationship,” Watson says. “Go to a sex store and pick out some items to try.”

  1. Shop for sex toys together

Just the activity of going to a sex toy store and shopping for them together could be a fun activity for a couple to try. Some sex toy products like pipedream fantasy and Jimmyjane are very nice for this activity.

  1. Try new things together both inside and outside the bedroom.

Our sex lives get stale because we fall into routines that include the everyday things we do together. “Create new shared experiences by making an effort to try new things together. Whether it’s taking a cooking class, going snowboarding for the first time, or taking a walk around a part of your town you’ve never been, breaking the routine can lead to renewed intimacy.”

  1. Create the optimal sexual environment for yourself.

amazing ways to spice up your sex life

Scalisi says creating “the right context for the most intimate, exciting, and fulfilling sex” for her was the key to spicing up her sex life. “Reflecting on past sexual experiences that were oh-so-pleasurable taught me what works and doesn’t. For example, I have the best sex when my stress is low, after a long luxurious back rub, and when I’m feeling in love with my body — to name a few things.”

  1. Try mutual masturbation.

Scalisi calls mutual masturbation her “secret sexy weapon.” “It is so damn hot to watch each other self-pleasure, plus it takes less time than other forms of partner sex.”

  1. See a sex therapist.

Watson says if a sexual lull persists, sex therapy is always an option for you and your partner to discover deeper reasons behind sexual issues and, in turn, find ways to address them.

Quality Tips & Ingredients about Good Sex Life

Every healthy sexual relationship requires constant communication. It is important to focus on both your needs and the needs of your partner. It’s a good idea to be open about what your needs are and to always keep the communication open.Quality tips for enhancing your sex life.

If you want to ask for less sex, you might try emphasizing their attributes to suggest new ideas. Appeal to your partner’s interests and form a new activity or date around it that the both of you will enjoy.

Asking for more or less sex can bring up vulnerabilities. Sexual preferences should be easy to talk about because they ultimately lead to your pleasure, but they’re often difficult to discuss because we fear judgment.

Some people don’t want to be perceived as too sexual because they want more sex. Others might worry that asking for less sex could imply that their partner isn’t doing something right. Incorporate your concerns about yourself into the discussion. Talking about sex works best as a two-way conversation.


Remember that both parties should be consenting to have sex. Just because you are having sexual relations with your long-term partner doesn’t mean consent has been given. If you ever feel sexually coerced by a partner, or forced to have sex or be touched in a way you don’t want to, know that your healthcare providers are always ready to help you. You can talk to your doctor or a social worker about any concern you have.

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Respectfully discovering likes and dislikes

Talking about how touches, nuances, and even fantasies of sex could progress is less straightforward than talking about STIs, birth control, or frequency of sex.

Sexual likes and dislikes can run on a spectrum. There are activities you love, ones you can’t even think about, and all the stuff in between. And what happens to things that you haven’t even heard of yet? Or when your desires change? Communicating such intimate needs requires a high level of confidence and trust. At the same time, communication builds confidence and trust.

Think about what you would be comfortable with and what things you would be uncomfortable with. Remember you can always change your mind. Communicating these things with your partner helps keep things open. Talk to a healthcare provider if you are worried something you want to try could be physically or sexually dangerous.

Opening up the conversation

Sometimes, we’re hampered by a lack of language. “One of the barriers for communication is that the language is either really goofy-sounding or clinical,” It’s helpful to start from the perspective of pleasure and affection. Carli Blau points out, “Two partners who are sexually involved with one another ultimately want to pleasure each other.”

Use movies to start conversations and explore

Consider tapping into erotic stimulation from entertainment, if you still can’t find the words or time to say what you want. “Watching movies is a great way to facilitate conversations with your partner “For example, if you’d like to add a bit of kink in your bedroom, an easy way to bring it up with your partner is to watch a movie together that features it.”

Where and when to talk

In addition to getting the words in the right order, many relationship experts point out that where and when you have intimate conversations is important.

Talking about sex after sex may come across as criticizing or nitpicking. Talking beforehand might get you uptight about delivering just exactly what your partner wants. When the time is right, I suggest giving your partner a heads-up that your topic might be a little out of the ordinary.

Communications basics

Respect and feeling respected are key aspects of a relationship. Using so-called I-statements is a communication technique that helps emphasize the speaker’s experience, without shaming, blaming, or complaining about the other person.

Some examples:
  • “I notice we seem to be having less foreplay before we have sex. Can we talk about ways to spend more time making out first?”
  • “I really liked it when you were on top of me. Is there anything I can do to get more of that?”


The longer a relationship has been going on, the more likely your sex life is to suffer.  just around the corner, we’ve come up with a few simple ways that you and your partner can spice things up. No Matter the circumstances with regards to human sexuality in the society today, sexual lulls are normal even for the most passionate couples and they can actually be a good thing. Spicing up your sex life can improve your relationship with your partner and result in a host of health benefits. “Sex is an aerobic activity, which means it can boost your heart health.


18 Juicy Holiday Gifts for a Better Sex Life

18 Juicy Holiday Gifts for a Better Sex Life

There are many gifts in the world, but there are some gifts with great significance and value for a better sex life. In this enticing article, there is a focus on the importance of gifts for a better sex life, as well as expose you to the gifts with deep significance for a better sex life.


Gifts are a surprisingly complex and important part of human interaction, helping to define relationships and strengthen bonds with family and friends. Gift is a universal way to show gratitude, interest, and strengthen bonds among people. Gifts occupy a crucial place in our social life. They build our relationships with people. We have a tendency to exchange gifts with people on totally different festivals, events, etc. Gifts speak our love for one alternative. Some gifts are given simply out of fabric issues. A subordinate might provide a gift to his officers to win his favour.

The Importance of Gifts for a Better Sex Life

Our faith attaches nice importance to the exchange of gifts. However, the gifts given as felony don’t increase love. They’re the expression of our egotistical nature. They’re given to derive some material profit. Real gifts are the expression of our inner goodness and sincerity.

The selection of gifts is an art. Hence our gifts should represent 2 things. First, they need to fulfill the requirements of our friends and relatives. Second, they need to be a creation of ourselves. They need to be part of our nature. Different artistic gifts become a vicinity of the memory of the one who receives.

Gifts are token of life, trust, and love. They play a crucial role in creating love for each other. The giving of gifts wake up the surface of all sensible qualities that we tend to possess. They create us humble and facilitate us in shedding off our pride and self-importance.

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Holiday Gifts that enhance a Better Sex Life

If you’re not sure which way to go in offering gifts during the holiday season let me help you out: Sexy holiday gifts practically guarantee that whatever you give your partner will make him or her feel good and come back to you if there is a misunderstanding. And if you’re showering a friend with little something by helping them feel like a sex goddess is a sure-fire way to heat up their holiday season. 

Think about it: Everyone wants to feel desired, so when your significant other unwraps a gift that screams “I want you”—even if it’s one they thought they’d never use—your love life is sure to be as lit as that Christmas tree (or Hanukkah menorah). And if it’s your bestie or close cousin? You’re giving them something they want but don’t want to buy themselves.

  1. Kiiroo Onyx 2

This is a very nice gift for a better sex life. When you are miles apart from your significant other, the distance can put a strain on your relationship. Kiiroo has created the solution to your problem. The Kiiroo Couple Set 2 was designed to ease the distance and close the gap, because who wouldn’t like to feel their lover’s intimate touch when they are away? Both devices are equipped with Kiiroo Technology that allows you to feel every movement made on your device. 

  1. Rocks Off

Indulge the senses with each potent vibration of this stunningly beautiful pleasure collection as you and your lover explore the heights of seductive passion. Fall head over heels again and again as your body tingles with pure orgasmic delight as you fall truly madly, deeply in love. If your friend is perpetually single or going through a recent breakup (aw), brighten up her holiday season with this sexiest gift of them all: a toy that mimics cunnilingus.

  1. Rocks Off Enchanted

This product is very unique and regarded as the deep desire of passion toy. For those who like it sweet with happy ending Rocks off is the best for you. But it for your partner for sensual satisfaction.

  1. A Finger Vibrators

It wouldn’t be a gift guide without a mention of this bad boy. The Fin is the perfect vibrator for people who want a little toy play while being penetrated since it slips right onto your finger. Buy one for yourself or your sister, work wife, friend who has trouble reaching orgasm from sex alone.

  1. Pink Duo Dildo

Pink double dildo with a handy has a suction cup. The vaginal arm has slight glans and the anal arm has a rounded head. The slightly flat dildo is extremely fulfilling, very flexible, and has a stimulating groove on the shaft.

  1. King Cock Double Flesh

Every vein, every shaft, and every head is carefully handcrafted with exquisite detail to give you the most realistic experience ever imagined. It is phthalate-free, latex-free, body-safe, and hypoallergenic. One of the dongs has a 4-inch circumference and 3 inches on the other. It’s super flexible and realistic looking and will penetrate both orifices with ease. . Buy one for yourself or your stylish friend who’ll squeal with delight by her new accessory toy.

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18 Juicy Holiday Gifts for a Better Sex Life

There are many gifts in the world but there are some gifts with great significance and value for a better sex life In this enticing article there is a focus

  1. Trouble Black Dildo

Do you want your first dildo to look and feel just like the rock-hard stud you’ve always fantasized about? Stop dreaming and get down with the King. Every vein, every shaft, and every head is carefully handcrafted with exquisite detail to give you the most realistic experience ever imagined. King Cock Medium Double Trouble U shaped dildo is perfect for double penetration.

  1. Matching Lingerie

Lingerie isn’t just for cis women This incredible UK product makes underwear to accommodate all types of genitals, so you can get matching sets for both you and your partner. If lace isn’t your thing, mesh might be the way to go.

  1. A Nipple and Clit Clamp Necklace

Sexy body chain or nipple clamp? Trick question! This pretty little number from Unbound actually does both. It’s plated in 14K gold, so it’ll take every outfit up a notch. And it doubles as a nipple and clitoris clamp—complete with adjustable pressure options.

  1. A Sex Pillow

Help your shy friend take things up a notch by giving them a special sex pillow. They can use it to elevate their hips while experimenting with new sex positions  (for deeper penetration) or lean on it for support during more intricate moves.

  1. A Couples Vibrator

This little guy is OH-so-great for both the giver and the receiver. The insertable vibrator pairs with an app and remote control that your partner can use to his or her delight, plus slides into the vagina during sex to tickle both parties.

  1. Inya Play Toy Kit

Playtime is always better with INYA Play Things, a provocative and vibrant collection of high-end pleasure products! This must-have kit includes realistically moulded 5-inch silicone dildo with strong suction cup base, powerful 5-inch ABS vibrator, and stylish, slim-tapered 3-inch silicone pleasure plug. 

  1. Nonsticky Lube

In search of something a little smaller to keep at bae’s?  Nice silicone lube is the stuff of sex dreams—including anal, btw—especially when it doesn’t dry up or create a sticky situation. This is the sexy equivalent t0 body wash and deodorant stocking stuffers.

  1. Black Remote Panty Vibe

Secret Vibrating Panty Set puts the power of pleasure at your fingertips with a powerful vibrating bullet that fits discreetly into a side-tie lace panty to keep it in place. This sexy and subtle mini vibe is powered by a clever remote control that looks like an ordinary finger ring and makes it easy for couples to play in public, even up to 50 feet away. Slip the bullet into the panties convenient little pocket and enjoy powerful stimulation directly on her sweet spot. The remote control makes it easy to shuffle through 10 different vibration functions that tease, please, and titillate with the touch of a button. Watch her squirm and quiver from across the room or match the My Secret Vibrating Panty Set with any lingerie set for an especially sexy night in. Discreet enough to wear under clothing while out on the town, this clever sex toy lets couples experiment with public pleasure and spice up date night with a naughty twist.

  1. A Satin Nightie
holidays gifts for a better sex life

Satin Nightie

After a romp in the sheets, one of the greatest feelings is throwing on silky pajamas. And there’s a good chance this takes on the trendy slip dress which will satisfy that. It offers a little peek to what’s underneath with the added bonus of feeling silky smooth—which is basically like being touched all over again. Gift it to a pal who needs some extra pampering this holiday season.

  1. Fancy Massage Oil

For the nights (or mornings or afternoons) when you want to take your time easing into sex with a massage is clutch. Nothing screams intimacy like the sexy gift of slow and gentle touching—especially when luxe and lavish massage oil is involved.

  1. A Cool Cock Ring

A cock ring that doesn’t look like a cock ring might be the way to go in the name of sexy holiday gifts. It’ll spice up every kind of penetration for each party (more fullness for you, vibration for both).

  1. A Moisture-Resistant Blanket

Sex is messy. Got a germ freak in your life? Gift them this blanket so they never have to fall asleep in those sexy juices again.

These nude thigh-high stockings elongate your legs and ooze serious sex appeal, so gift ’em to yourself and wear them under your work clothes (yes, they’re profesh enough!). They’ll all but guarantee a quickie when you walk in the door at home.


Gifts play a most important role in our life and it is depending on situations and gifting purposes. Did you know about happy feelings? I sure you know it. Well if you have love feelings for someone then you can take red flowers with heart shape chocolates but if you are a father of a lovely daughter then you know about your daughter. Gifts helping to maintain relation gaps, happiness, and somethings gifting moments change your life. Sometimes Your loved one wants some distance with you and it depends on many situations like you are hard or loud etc. You can gift for a loved one. I am sure a gift helps to forget every misunderstanding between both of you.

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