Introduction to Guitar For Beginners

Introduction to Guitar For Beginners

Introduction to GUITAR for Beginners

Do you want to be a Guitar Player? Of course, everybody does. This is because Guitar is one of the sweetest musical instruments to play and have fun with. But, unfortunately, it is one of the hardest musical instruments to Learn (Do not be threatened by the latter statement). This wonderful Guitar piece contains an introduction to Guitar and the facts you need to know about the Guitar. 

Guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments. It is one of the sexiest musical instruments with amazing Curves (Figure 8). Some popular Guitar Companies are Fender, Gibson, and Les Paul among others. A person who plays The Guitar is officially addressed as a Guitarist.

The Guitar is one the best Musical Instrument for professional songs; this entails that the Guitar is almost the only Musical Instrument that could be used ONLY in the production of Professional Songs without the use of other musical instruments.

Every Guitar has a ‘Standard’ method of tuning. The Standard method differs according to the types (Bass and Lead) of Guitar (see the standard guitar tuning below); 

Every Guitar has a ‘Nut’ that is popularly called ‘Guitar Nut’ from where the Standard Guitar Tune is determined. (No finger should be placed on the frets while tuning from the nut).

Every Guitar has Strings, frets, Engines, dots, and Tuner.

Guitar is of two kinds and types;

Two Kinds of Guitar are;
  1. Acoustic Guitar
  2. Electric Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar is a kind of guitar that is made of wood or rubber, with outstanding and admirable shape. While Electric Guitar uses Power supply and amplifiers to function, Acoustic Guitar needs not any Electricity to sound.

An acoustic guitar produces sound acoustically by transmitting the sound vibration of the strings to the air instead of employing electronic amplifiers. The Sound (sound waves) from the Acoustic guitar strings resonate through the guitar’s body and then create a sound in returns.

The Acoustic Guitar is very portable, light-weighted and mainly used in learning guitar, having fun, displaying on the Music Stage and mesmerizing friends; In other words, when there a Guitar and a Guitarist, there is no boring or dulling moment.

The Nature of Acoustic Guitar

The Acoustic Guitar can assume the nature of the two types of Guitar (Bass or Lead); this entails that the Acoustic Guitar can either be a Bass-Acoustic-Guitar or a Lead-Acoustic-Guitar (See Guitar Types below for Clarification). The Base-Acoustic-Guitar shares if not all but some of the major characteristics of a Bass Guitar while the Lead-Acoustic-Guitar shares if not all but some of the major characteristics of the Lead Guitar. (See the Characteristic of Both Bass and Lead Guitar down below).

Characteristics of Acoustic Guitar

  • The Acoustic Guitar has a Box which is popularly called ‘Guitar Box or Guitar Body’ where the sound forms and come out through a round hole called ‘Guitar Hole’.
  • The Acoustic Guitar has 6 Strings for the Lead and 4 Strings for the Bass.
  • Acoustic Guitar has a hole called ‘Guitar Hole’ from where the sounds strummed or picked will sound out from.
  • Most Acoustic Guitars have a ‘Black Pad’ patched directly beside the ‘Guitar Hole’ which helps the Guitarist to Slap the Guitar when he or she wishes to. The Black pad is known as ‘PickGuard’.
  • Acoustic Guitar, just like Electric Guitar, has Frets, Strings, and dots. The Frets are crossed horizontally while the Strings Cross vertically when the Guitar is standing.
  • Acoustic Guitar does not make use of Electric unless with Guitar Pickup.
  • The Acoustic Guitar could be slapped while playing.
  • An Acoustic Guitar can be played everywhere.


How to Activate Google Adsense After Suspension

How to Activate Google Adsense After Suspension

How to activate Google Adsense After Suspension

Have you been suspended by Google Adsense for 30 days as a result of one policy violation or another? Never to worry. There is a way out. – How to activate google Adsense after suspension –

In this great tutorial, I will show you the easiest and smartest trick on how to activate Google Adsense after suspension on your website, phone application, and YouTube channels.

Google Adsense is one of the advertising platform that enables one to monetize his or her website, apps, or YouTube channels through advertisement.

Google displays advertisements to your website, phone applications, and Youtube channels and pays you for that. Isn’t it nice? This must be after you have registered and verified your website.

Though the payment depends on how many people that view, click, or leave an impression on the adverts through your website, app, or YouTube channel. Again, when visitors click on the adverts, you stand a chance to earn higher. There are many terms and conditions applied anyway.

Major Reason for Adsense Suspension

Now, many website owners, phone application owners, and YouTube channel owners see it as an opportunity to earn more money by clicking on the adverts displaying on their website, apps or YouTube channels over and over again.

But, unfortunately, Google has mapped high sensitive machines to oversee any form of invalid clicks on the adverts. However, whenever a Google Adsense user clicks on the adverts displaying on his or her website, phone application, or YouTube channel, Google is likely to suspend him or her from using Google Adsense for 30 days.

During these 30 days of suspension, Google will stop displaying adverts and will deduct your already earned money to pay back to the people who paid for their business to be advertised.

Google uses this suspension as a warning to the google Adsense users. Meanwhile, after the suspension, if such a thing happens again, google may go-ahead to stop the website, phone application, or YouTube channel from using google Adsense permanently.


Most times, Google still retains the suspension even after 30 days of ultimatum. But there is a great way to re-activate the Google Adsense by yourself if google ceases to activate it after the 30 days.

There are many reasons that could make google not to activate the advertisement automatically after the 30 days suspension. Such reason as ‘not been able to rectify the problems outlined by google that led to the suspension. Google is highly sensitive.


This is the main reason for writing this article. At the beginning of this tutorial, I indicated that I will show you the smartest and easiest trick on how to activate Google Adsense after suspension on your website, phone application, and YouTube channels.

Let’s get started now!

There are five major steps to take in order to reactivate Google Adsense after suspension.

Five Major Steps To Take 
Step One:

The first thing to do is to open your Google Adsense account. You must have logged in with your account details, if not, kindly do so immediately. Every step must be reached through your Google Adsense Account.

Step Two:


After opening Google Adsense and logging in with your account details, click on ‘FEEDBACK’. Feedback is the last option at the options column located by the left.

It is a way to troubleshoot and remind Google of any issue you are encountering while using Google Adsense. After clicking on the ‘feedback’ button, it will pop up a new small window where you will drop your reports.

 How To Change Background of Any Picture [Video]

Step Three:

The small window that pops up after clicking on the ‘feedback’ provides you with the spaces to input your reports. Meanwhile, it is always advisable to include a screenshot so as to enable Google to reach and understand your request and report without wasting much time.

After clicking on the ‘include screenshot’ button, go right ahead to click on the arrow-like description below directing you to ‘click to highlight or hide info’.

After clicking on the arrow below, it will automatically allow you to screenshot the necessary parts corresponding to your reports or issues. In order to screenshot here, just click and drag.

Step Four:

The comment box which allows you to describe your issue or share your ideas is a place set aside for you to indicate the issues you are having while using Google Adsense.

The description you will put must correspond with the area you have already screenshot.

Because this tutorial is about assisting you on how to activate google Adsense after 30 days of suspension, I shall be featuring the description you could use.

I was suspended for 30 days because of invalid clicks on the adverts by myself, the 30 days suspension has passed but the adverts have not been reactivated as expected. Meanwhile, I have corrected all the issues that led to the suspension by Google Adsense. I hope to have this report reacted to in no distance time.
Many thanks, your name.

Final Step:

After describing your reports, click on the submit button below right away. Google takes 24 hours to rectify the issues and reactivate the adverts on your website, phone applications, or Youtube channels.

I hope this tutorial/article help you out, kindly indicate how successful you are after 24 hours of submitting your request using the comment box.

Also indicate other problems you are having with your website, we will be glad to help you out. Thanks .­­­

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How to Activate Google Adsense After Suspension

How to Change Background In Photoshop [Video]

How to change background in Photoshop


You are welcome to this tutorial – How to Easily Change the Background of any picture in Photoshop. 

You can agree with me that most of the works under Graphics Designs require changing either the background or some parts of the picture you are working on.

Therefore, this tutorial is considered one of the most essential things one needs to learn in the Designing Academy.

In this tutorial, we shall learn how to change the background of any picture or object and as well replace it with a new desired one using Photoshop.

There are many ways to change the background in Photoshop.

These ways will be realizable through some tools in Photoshop.

The Youtube Tutorial – How to Change Background of Any Picture in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will employ the ‘QUICK SELECTION TOOL’. We shall learn how to use other tools like Polygonal Lasso Tool, Eraser Tool, and the Pen Tool to do the related (but more complex) exercise in the next tutorial.

The Quick Selection Tool is one of the tools in Photoshop that allows one to select a part or some parts in any picture and manipulate, remove, or copy it out to a different layer.

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Let’s Get Started;

  •  STEP ONE:

Open the Picture in Photoshop

The first step to take is to bring in the picture you want to work on in Photoshop. The simplest way to do this is to press ‘Ctrl O’ if you are using Windows, or ‘Cmd O’ if you are using Apple. It will bring out a window right away for you to select the particular picture you want to work on.

After locating the folder and the particular picture, simply double click on it and it will open in Photoshop, or simply left-click once to highlight the picture and then click on the ‘open’ button right below.

N/B: If you want to open more than one picture at the same time, simply click on the first one, and click on the rest while holding the ‘Ctrl’ button.

It is advisable to rename the pictures with simple and short words so that when you open them, the Photoshop window screen will accommodate all and make them easy to access. But if you uploaded many, it will show you an arrow (>>) right at the top which you can click at any time to see all the stuff you have loaded.


Duplicate the Layer and Grab the ‘Quick Selection Tool’

The second step is duplicating the layer (the picture you opened) for backup. Although this is optional, but it advisable (especially for beginners) to backup the layer in case mistake occurs.

To duplicate, Do this;

  • Press ‘Ctrl D’ if you are using windows or ‘Cmd D’ if you are using an apple.

Now it is time to do the major work there.

GRAB YOU QUICK SELECTION TOOL and start making the selection on the parts you want to change.

Now, there are some things to be considered here. The quick selection tool has the ability to make the selection by using the addition pad and subtraction pad majorly. They are located at the property bar.

Immediately you select the ‘Quick Selection Tool’, it will bring out its properties right below the main menu bar. Right there, you can see pads indicating (+) and (-).

In order to make the selection, click on the addition pad to select. If there is any need to readjust selection, click on the subtraction pad to subtract the selection made.

While making the selections, if you encounter some complicated areas, do this;

  •  Zoom in by pressing ‘Ctrl +’ and ‘Ctrl-‘ to zoom out.

You can also reduce or increase the size of the quick selection tool. This depends on how small or big what you are selecting is.

To do this;

  • Press the block brackets to increase or decrease the size [ ]

Select the Move Tool and move the Selection out

The next thing to do is to select the ‘move tool’ and move the background selection out. To do this, just left-click on the particular area you have selected to be changed, and drag it out of the main background. When this is done, it will show you only the image you want to retain and it will have a transparent background. Uh! Another easier way to do this is to hit the Backspace button on the keyboard.

N/B: To get rid of the sketch of the background selection still showing at the right in the diagram, Do this;

  • Select the ‘marquee tool’ that is located directly below the ‘move tool’
  • Click on the main background with the retained part.

It is pertinent to note here that there are some complex pictures that you cannot easily remove using this ‘quick selection tool’, such as a lady with curly scattered hair. In this case, do not panic, I will be showing how to do that in the subsequent tutorials I will be doing here.

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Draw a new Background Shape and Color it

This is almost the last stage:

Simply select the shape tool (rectangular shape tool) and draw a new background below the edited picture.


Beautify the Background

This stage is optional. But in order to beautify the background, use more than one plain color.

There are many ways to do this. The Gradient tool could be used. But you can simply draw another rectangular share on top of the first one. This will make the background appear in mixed colors.

Then go-ahead to use any color of your choice as the background color.

Always know that whenever a layer is above another, the object it contains automatically positions itself on top of the layer below. Thus blocking the contents of the layer below it. This simply means that the first layer will always be at the uppermost position in the work area. That is why the background layer is always at the last position.

Therefore, if the new background you created is above the edited image, it will simply cover the image and it will not be seen. In this case, simply move the layer containing the background properties and position it below the edited layer of the image.

Go ahead to save the work when you are done.

Thank you and keep being creative.

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How To Design A Simple Logo For A Website Using Photoshop

How to design a logo for a website

A logo is what represents what you are doing. It is just like a symbol of your business, school, company, or any other enterprise. Whenever you see a Benz logo, you already know that it is representing an automobile Company called ‘Benz’, the same with other companies as Audi, Toyota, or Lexus.

Every business is expected to have a logo whether online business or not. It is the logo that will help people to easily catch the whole thing about your company or business by simply observing a simple symbol called ‘logo’.

Following the above narration, every existing website is expected to have a logo whether simple or complex. The website logo is one of the simplest logos one could ever think of creating.

This is because it could only involve the major letter(s) in the domain name of a website. The major letter(s) could emerge from the spelling format or from the Pronunciation format of the domain name of the website.

For instance, you must have observed how simple Facebook’s logo is. It is just showcasing the first alphabet in the word ‘Facebook’.  

Remember that the logo of a website could be designed with other symbols as it must not be only letters; you must have seen the logos of Instagram and Twitter.

Also be guided that every existing logo has a unique meaning (especially, those represented with symbols instead of letters), and most times the meanings are not known by just any observer; it often needs close examination to ascertain.

Meanwhile, in this particular tutorial, we shall be learning how to design a website’s logo using the letter(s) as appeared in the domain name using Adobe Photoshop (Cs6 Extended). 

Necessary things to know when designing a Logo for a Website

  1. The Major Color of the website most times determines the color to be used in the design.
  2. Website Logos are always simple; it doesn’t really need major or complex designs.
  3. Website logos always carry the same measurement in both height and width; it is normally square in size.
  4. Because Website logos normally appear smaller on top of the browser, there is a need to make the letter(s) or the symbol big so as to be seen even when it appears small.
  5. It is good to use not less than 512 pixels in both Height and Width, and with 72 resolution.

Steps on how to Design a Website Logo


This can be done by simply pressing ‘Ctrl N’ or ‘Cmd N’ if you are using the Apple computer. Alternatively, simply go to the menu bar on the top, click on the File menu, and then click on New.

You can use the settings in the diagram, it is preferred. Click OK after keying in the figures.

 Draw a Square on the on the Background using the Shape tool

Just right click on the shape tool and choose the rectangular tool and draw a square shape with it. Right below the menu bar at the top as pointed in the diagram, and change the color to a desired color

Type in the Letter(s) and color it

Click on the Text tool to type in the letter(s).  You can always change the font above as rightly demonstrated. And then Color the text using the text color pad as indicated in the diagram above.

Here, I used the font style [BankGothic Md BT], you can use any font style of your choice.

The color name is white and the code is [ffffff], you can as well use any color you desire.

The color code of the square is [38688e]

Update: This is just a very simple way to create a logo for a website. There are many advanced ways at this time.

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The video of this tutorial is right below;   Click & Watch Now!

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