Breaking Free From The Strongholds Of Your Past

It is startling but true: The decisions we make today don’t simply affect ourselves; they affect our children’s children for multiplied generations. -Breaking free from the strongholds –

The scripture talks about how the iniquities of the fathers can be passed down for three or four generations.

That means bad habits, addictions, negativity, wrong mind-sets and other types of iniquities can be passed down.

Perhaps you are struggling in certain areas right now because people who came before you made poor choices.

Many times, you can look back and see the results of those choices somewhere in your family line.

It is important that we recognize what has happened and that we not passively accept these negative patterns.

‘’Well, this is just the way I am.

This poverty and sickness has been in my family for ‘’

No, you need to rise up and do something.

It may have been there for years, but the good news is it doesn’t have to say stay there.

You can be the one to put a stop to it.

You can be the one to choose the blessings and not the curse.

Recent research seeks to identify specific genes and determine how genes for traits such as addiction, eating disorders, even depression, are passed down.

The researchers can see definite patterns, but they cannot conclusively determine whether the cause is genetic, environmental, or hereditary, or some combination of those factors.

Understand, if you are struggling with one or more of these things, that does not make you a bad person.

You need not mope around guilty and condemned because you have some obstacles to overcome.

Many times, it may not even be your fault.

Somebody else made the poor choices, and now you have to deal with the repercussions.

Nevertheless, be careful that you don’t use that as an excuse to perpetuate negative lifestyle patterns.

You have to dig your heels in and do something about it.

Attention Please!

Your Daily Decisions Matter A Lot.
The decisions we make today don’t simply affect us; they affect our children’s children for multiplied generations.

Make Wise Decisions Today & Save your Future Generation;

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