BIRTHDAY: Celebrating Onuh Justus Today -Brendan Amadi

Celebrating Izunwaonuh Today

Friends! Is good I let the Jinx broken… Izunwaonuh is the man behind the mask in My Writings & Contributions in literary field today.

He made the road for my membership to ANA Group two years ago (Association of Nigerian Authors Enugu Branch) In line with IK Ikechukwu Ogbu. Am loyal!

Since December 2018 it has been a line up of birthdays of my friends Indeed & Personalities of whom I respect and honour because of their exceptional qualities and greatness.

I am grateful for your true friendship Onuh Justus Izuchukwu.

Hope your birthday is amazing as you recall your history today! I wish you love, hope and everlasting joy and happiness. Thank you for being my best friend!

Yes Distance have stood as a regulator to the brotherhood we shared together but I know We shall sit again one day in a platform of uniqueness & moral franternism made in an Altar of brotherhood, to move humanity forward and make men attain the spiritual and physical Status quo of life.

On that day also! We will also discuss on how to move the nation forward.

Happy birthday Justus
keep celebrating
Long-live to All your friends
Long live to all who wish people good

I remain fraternally Yours! From Nonso Amadi

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9 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY: Celebrating Onuh Justus Today -Brendan Amadi

  1. And in the fratanity of brotherly loved beings, that love, the makings of the creator which has breathe,
    I eternally remain grateful to God for letting me cross paths with you
    And I’ve never for one day regretted it
    Happy birthday, Onuh, Yustus Izuchukwu aka: Izunwaonu

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