If you are here, then you probably have a valued business, brand, or company, and a website for its operation. And, you may probably want all the services you render, including some complex, custom, and unique features, to be customized in your website for a smart operation alongside high-quality delivery of your outstanding services. At this moment, you can do just one thing – “CONSIDER ALL YOUR IMAGINATION AS ACCOMPLISHED“.

Of course, you are searching for a world-class programmer that has the ability to handle any type of complicated task for your website as regards building, from scratch, an outstanding WordPress custom plugin for your company/business.

You probably have a lot of unique custom functionalities in mind, but take a look at these advanced Custom WordPress Plugins that were built from scratch for clients who run very reputable companies.

All these custom WordPress plugins were built by a senior developer who enjoys solving Huge Programming Challenges of all kinds. Keep in mind that this super amazing programmer can professionally build any custom WordPress plugin for your website no matter how complicated and critical your services are. All your desired functionalities and features will be built as a WordPress Plugin which you can easily activate in your website. Click HERE to see unlimited accolades and reviews that the word has given him.

Amazing Custom WordPress Plugin Built From Scratch

Highly Advanced Mega Search Widget WordPress Custom Plugin

This world-class plugin was developed by Machine Pereere, for https://2minuteacademy.com/smartmba/. This amazing WordPress plugin has a lot of professional features which some of them are explained below;

  1. Users are able to search posts in the database according to categories, intelligent keywords with smart filters, and advanced sorting capabilities.
  2. The UX is perfect and seamless.
  3. As a result of this amazing search widget he built, all users in this site are able to find 100% of any info they need easily
  4. Users are also able to filter down the results and also are able to sort the results.

Therapist – Client Door-to-door Marketplace with Google Map API

This is yet another fantastic WordPress plugin developed by Machine Pereere for https://moriri-at-home.co.za/services/ in South Africa.

This is a therapist Market-place WordPress plugin. It is a multivendor plugin that allows the user to register either as a therapist or as a client on this site https://moriri-at-home.co.za/services/ in South Africa. Some of the unique features of this amazing plugin, as developed by Machine Pereere, are enlisted below.

  1. The plugin adds an Admin page on the admin dashboard to allow the
    owner of the site to create services and services categories.
  2. When therapists and clients sign up, the admin gets to approve their account.
  3. Therapists are able to subscribe to the services they provide.
  4. Therapists are able to set the price, set the days he/she is available to work and time durations,
  5. Therapists are able to select the area he/she covers from a google map smartly.
  6. Clients can search for services and search according to their position on the google map and find a therapist that is closer to them at a maximum of 60km radius.
  7. The site is still in construction currently but all features work perfectly well and will be a 100% revenue source for my South African client. https://moriri-at-home.co.za/services/

WordPress Woo commerce Gift Box Builder

This is another professional WordPress Custom plugin built by Machine Pereere. It is a WordPress Woo-Commerce Gift Box Builder. This professional WordPress plugin is a product customizer that currently runs on this site https://presentery.com.au/create-your-own/ with a huge generation of income to the owner. Some of the unique features of this plugin are;

  1. It allows customers to fill in the gift box and fill it in with woo-commerce products.
  2. He used the powerful features of Vuejs to make the front end.
  3. The owner of the site now makes about 40% more sales as users no longer have a limited choice of buying pre-built gift boxes but can build theirs by themselves.
  4. All these amazing features, and more could be accessed at the client’s site https://presentery.com.au/create-your-own/

Professional WordPress Product Customizer for Woo-commerce

Machine Pereere has built up to 1000 word-standard WordPress plugins. This is yet another super amazing WordPress plugin developed by Machine Pereere. This is a professional WordPress Product Customizer for Woo-commerce. There are a lot of amazing features of this plugin. It is currently used by this site https://shop.feenstaub.at/produkt/hochzeiten/gaestebuch-karten/gaestebuch-hochzeit-fragen-zum-ausfuellen/ and has generated tons of sales for the owner.

Some amazing features of this plugin include:

  1. Using the Smart tools of the plugin, the users can customize wedding cards, books, diaries, and other related products before placing an order. When they do, the exact custom design they have generated in a few seconds would be delivered to them.
  2. Go to https://shop.feenstaub.at/produkt/hochzeiten/gaestebuch-karten/gaestebuch-hochzeit-fragen-zum-ausfuellen/
    and click on “Shape Now” or “JETZT GESTALTEN” and then follow through.
  3. This plugin has improved the revenue generated by the company by 60% as users are now able to customize everything they need before placing an order.
  4. Machine Pereere developed the backend too so the Admin is able to process the order with all the customizations shown on the woo-commerce order page

There are a lot more professional WordPress custom plugins of about 1200 in number built from scratch by Machine Pereere.

These are some facts about Machine Pereere.

  • Machine Pereere is a full-stack software engineer with experience developing
    professional applications in Javascript, Typescript, Vuejs, PHP, and
    MySQL. He also has experience in mobile development with Flutter and
    native script.
  • He has built professional web applications for WordPress as WordPress plugins.
  • Hundreds of these WordPress plugins are running live today and generating revenue for the companies he made them for.
  • He studied Electric and Electronics engineering and focussed more on the programmatical aspect of Electronics involving C, C++, and Assembly, language microcontrollers.
  • Currently, he builds web apps and mobile apps with flutter.
  • He’s simply a big problem solver and enjoys solving huge programming challenges of all types.
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