Beginners Designing with the Primary Tools

As a beginner in Photoshop/Designing, it is a good habit to start with the most basic tools in Photoshop. These Photoshop most basic tools, as we highlighted in our previous lesson will be taken one after the other with a more practical approach in this lesson. Hence, this lesson focuses on the Basic Tools in Photoshop.

Lesson III | Beginners Designing Withing the Primary Tools


The primary tools in photoshop are the Move tool, the Text tool, the Shape tool, and the Quick Selection Tool. Let’s take them one at a time with a practical illustration. The video above illustrates how to use the primary tools in photoshop to create a simple design.

To learn more about Photoshop Primary Tools, click Here.

It is a good habit to practice without season. So, we will do 2 exercises. 

Exercise 1. Use the shape tool to create a circle, and use the text tool to write any two letters in it. Use different colors for the shape and text.

Exercise 2. Draw a rectangle, and write any word that is not more than 5 letters in the center.


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