My name is Obiaraije Smart, I am from Imo State. I am the 3rd among four boys in my family. I am currently and a Student of Imo State University, Owerri. I am studying Philosophy. I have an unstoppable zeal to learn, create and share everyday of my life. Thus I have learnt many things, created most of them and shared almost all of them. Not to worry, I'm still learning. Though I am a Philosophy Student, I am an expert in many other things also. I am a full stack developer (Programming is my Identity) I am a professional Graphics Designer ( some of my works are featured in my website ( I am a certified Musician - I play guitar and keyboard perfectly... I am a beginner in Music Production.. I am a Poet. Of course, I am a blogger and a researcher.. I enjoy them doing them.. I am a good project writer, article constructor, and creative writer. I am a fast typist.... (Standard mode) I am an artist, I draw with pencils and computer..... (I do not paint) N/B - I can not add everything here because I am still learning everyday. Thus, If I am to put all here, I will be updating it everyday as I learn. Thank you Smart.