[Video] Atiku’s Message to the People of Kaduna

ATIKU’S MESSAGE The People of Kaduna

The Presidential candidate from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar, has sent a heartily message to the people of Kaduna through his social media. -Atiku’s Message to the People of Kaduna-

Christmas Awoof!

In his words;

My message to the great and good people of Kaduna state.

I am pained by the recent upheavals that have affected your state and by God’s grace, I will do everything possible to return peace to Kaduna.

Atiku, in his humble message allegedly said that he has observed the recent crises and killings that have been happening in Kaduna State.

He therefore assures a remedy upon becoming the President of the Country after the upcoming 2019 Election in Nigeria.

He also expressed how sad he is over the ugly scenarios that have been happening in the above mentioned state. 

Atiku however lamented that the solution for this crises should be internal while he promises to keep every stone in place upon being elected as the President of Nigeria.

As he was officially making his intention known over the media, he assured that if the people of Kaduna should come out in mass and vote him in the upcoming election, he will rectify the issues and crises and also inaugurate a peace conference within the first three month in office as the President of Nigeria.

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