The stage as we know is now set as according to the INEC time table, the presidential campaign is formally/officially set to start on Sunday 18th February 2018. What do we expect? Will candidate resort to vulgar abuse, indecent and indecorous words, exchange of inanities? or will it be issue based campaign?

I join the Millions of Nigerians to clamor for issue based campaign and not the use of gutter words which could clearly be seen as hate speech as El rufai and many others have already started.

The nation is already faced with so many issues and such issues should be looked into and not attacks on one another as we have seen the two major political parties do.
Nigerians should put aside ethnicity, selfish interest and focus on the growth of the Nation.

APC should not come back with the usual national anthem of PDP SUCKED NIGERIA DRY FOR THE PAST 16 YEARS rather they should tell Nigerians their achievement in the past three and half years and the plans for the future.
PDP should forget the usual cry of APC HAVE CRIPPLED THE ECONOMY IN THE LAST THREE Years rather they should tell Nigerians what they could offer us that APC can not.

The minority Political parties should stop the cry of APC AND PDP ARE THE SAME OLD MEN rather they should tell Nigerians what they can offer us that is different from APC PDP issue.

Hate speech should be shunned into-to as the end result could result to ethnic clashes which will do us more good than harm.

Nigerians should focus and put tribal,ethnic and region aside and get it right now or cry for the next four years.


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