In an interview with one of the best medical doctors in the state, we found out that Abortion is not a good option for ladies who wants to easily get rid of their unwanted pregnancies. – Abortion is not a good option –

My Encounter With A Pregnant Lady

According to the Doctor;

During one of my routine clinics, a Lady of about 23 years walked into my consulting room, seeking assistance on how to terminate the pregnancy of 3 months in her.

On further questioning I discovered that this was the 7th baby she was terminating, aside from the previous one she had to deliver and throw away. Abortion is not a good option.

I counseled her on the need to keep it and commence antenatal care and come back for preconception care and family planning methods after delivering the baby.

Well I know what’s going through your mind is “what a useless Girl killing her babies when others are looking for one”. Please will you keep quiet Mr. and Mrs. Holier than thou?

I put it to you that 96% of sexually active women including you reading this article, both married and single has at a point in their life terminated pregnancy because it was by chance and not by choice!.

Mind You I’m not advocating or supporting Criminal Abortions, but I want to make you know that so many people don’t know how to prevent pregnancy, some that know don’t even know how to use the contraceptive methods well.

Abortion is not a good option

So many women even use Abortion as a way of controlling pregnancy, some use different funny means that doesn’t work to control pregnancy like:

Unacceptable Means of Controlling Pregnancy
1                    Drinking Hot 7up and Quinine tablets
2                    Beecham Ampiclox 
3                   Jumping on the pregnant abdomen
4                   & Many others

The essence of this article is to point out different methods of preventing pregnancy and making pregnancy by choice and not by chance

Methods Used In Preventing Pregnancy;

The following methods are used in the prevention of pregnancy.

A. Barrier Methods

1.  Male condoms
2.  Female condoms
3.  Diaphragm
4.  Cervical cap
5.  Sponge 
6. Spermicide 

B. Hormonal Methods

1.   Contraceptive pills ( combined and mini pills
2.  Patches
3.  Injections
4.  Vaginal ring
5.  Intrauterine devices (IUD
6.  Implants

C. Natural Methods

1.   Withdrawal methods
2.   Calendar methods 
3.   The nature of your vaginal secretions 
4.   Basal body temperature 

Other methods includes;


Pregnancy should be by choice and not by chance.

Doctor. Chukwuma Nkem

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