Your CV/Resume is an essential document for interviews. It contains detailed information about you, and so, it has a lot to say about you. And, to create a fantastic CV/Resume, it’s recommended to use a CV/Resume Builder. The builder helps guide you on writing and structure your CV, including some real-time samples. Therefore, you need the best CV/Resume Builder to create an engaging and job-winning CV/Resume. And, in this interesting article, I’ll expose you to the 3 Best CV/Resume Builders For Interviews to impress recruiters and secure those interviews.

Now, making a professional CV is a piece of cake with online CV builders. Of course, many CV Builders are out there, but it’s somehow challenging to know and choose the best one to suit your needs. But, to make it super easy for you, here are the three Best CV/Resume Builders For Interviews. This aims to compare platforms and their features for you. But, before diving into the details, it’s important to remind you of the benefits of using an online CV/Resume Maker/Builder instead of writing it from scratch.

Benefits Of Using An Online CV/Resume Maker/Builder

  • It’s quicker than starting from scratch
  • It provides professional and appropriate designs
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Presentation of samples for different needs
  • Ability to the CV/Resume in different formats
  • Personalization of different applications

You have the benefits of using an online CV/Resume maker to prepare a good CV. Let’s explore the best online CV/Resume Builder. Keep in mind that the platforms are not arranged in a particular order.

3 Top CV/Resume Builders For Interviews

  • CVMaker best for guides with amazing templates
  • My Perfect CV best for user experience
  • Resume best free CV/Resume builder with advanced features
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1. CV Maker – best for guides with amazing templates

CV Maker is one of the best CV Builders for Interviews with many professional templates to build different CVs for different applications.

With CV Maker, your CVs are stored in your own personal and safe account hub. This allows you to both edit and download your CVs whenever and wherever you require. Of course, this requires a paid plan.

With CV Maker, you’re 65% more likely to get a job because they do not only have pre-designed templates but present important tips that will give you more insights when building your CV.

Features of CV Maker

  • More than 50 predesigned templates
  • Templates for different applications
  • It feeds you with important tips in making your CV
  • Availability of professionals who can assist you if you’re busy
  • Offers paid CV writing and Optimization services

Ease of Use

CV Maker is super easy to use, even for an inexperienced person. The layouts, templates, and other functionalities are friendly to comprehend and work with.

Mobile App

CV Maker does not have a mobile app at the moment, but you can use your mobile devices to build your CV through the browser.


CV Maker allows you to build your CV for free, but you cannot download or edit your CV without their paid plan. However, they have a paid plan of Basic (starting at $99), Experts (starting at $189), and Complete (starting at $249).

Bottom line

“CV Maker is a professional platform to create your job-winning CV. They have interesting features that allow you to get the job done faster. They also help you with some tips and guide in the downtime. Unfortunately, they don’t have a free version, but they are easy to use.”

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my perfect cv
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2. My Perfect CV best for user experience

My Perfect CV is one of the best CV Builders for interviews. It has modern features that enable you to create, save and download your CV in a few minutes.

Features of My Perfect CV

  • It creates a customized CV to your unique work experience and personality.
  • Trusted by thousands of CV builder in the UK
  • Easy to use even for beginners
  • Free sign up for new users
  • An in-built editor to your advantage
  • Features other services; career advice, cover letters, and more

Ease of use

My Perfect CV is super simple and easy to use. In addition, they have an in-built editor available to make things a lot easier for you. This editor helps you to quickly change your styles, font sizes, line spacing, and even a splash of color. But, again, other tools will facilitate your CV writing.

Mobile Use

My Perfect CV does not have a mobile app yet, but you can use the phone browser to access it and create that amazing CV of yours in a few minutes.

3 Steps to create your CV with My Perfect CV

  1. Select a CV from their library of professional designs
  2. Build your CV with their industry-specific bullet points
  3. Download your CV, print it out, and get it ready to send!


My Perfect CV is free to use. But you must have an account with them to proceed with your CV building. Again, they present free templates with customized colors for you to work with.

Bottom line

“My Perfect CV is one of the best CV builders for creating a job-winning CV. It has interesting features to facilitate your needs. With the three simple steps enlisted above, you can create your professional CV in a few minutes.”

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3. Resume best free CV Builder with advanced features

Resume is one of the best online CV builders for creating an amazing CV/Resume. They help you to build a resume that is tailored to your job. They have many pre-designed templates and samples in the categories of an Accountant, Security, Mechanical Engineer, AVA Developer, Designer, Recruiter, Product Manager, Dentist, Digital Marketing, Sales Associate, Management, Physician Assistant, Front End Developer, Nursing, Engineer, Office Assistant, Photographer, Finance, Teacher, and more.

Features of Resume

  • Access to dozens of professional and creative resume templates
  • Editing tools you can use directly on our platform
  • Ability to download and print resumes instantly
  • Downloads available in PDF, Word, RTF, and plain text formatting
  • Unlimited sharing over email and social media
  • 24/7/365 access to your resume through your account
  • It’s completely free for you

Ease of use

This Resume builder is straightforward to use with their fantastic editors, templates, layouts, and engaging tools.

Mobile use

This Resume builder does not have a mobile app yet, but you can access all the features and templates with your mobile browser. It’s super interesting to use and mobile-friendly too.


The most amazing thing about this Resume builder is the fact that it is completely free. From creating an account to uploading your resume to downloading and printing, you’ll never pay a dime. Your information is all secure, and they will not sell to anyone.

No gimmicks, no freemium features, no joke. You get everything you need to build a professional resume that shows your best qualities to help you land your next job.

Bottom line

Resume is one of the best CV builders for interviews. It’s completely free with advanced features and pre-designed templates in different categories of career. It has fantastic editors and provides good customer support.

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Tips For Creating A Perfect CV/Resume

Within any of the platforms reviewed above, you will find tips with each section to help make your CV the best it can be. Along with these, here are some general tips:

  • You should only mention relevant information that will add value to the application for the vacancy you are applying for, or that will be of interest to future employers.
  • Do not mention hobbies or interests that will raise weird questions/reactions.
  • Identify the most important information on the first page. Also, include a concise personal profile about yourself.
  • Apply bullet points and numbered lists where necessary to make your CV transparent to recruiters.
  • Always choose the chronological CV structure, unless otherwise requested in the vacancy.
  • Always keep your CV short, concise, and powerful.

What’s more?

Having a fantastic CV/Resume from any of these best online CV builders is one thing, another is preparing for your interview to fulfill what you’ve in your CV. So, it’s highly recommended to know the best ways to prepare for interviews using these tips. Again, you should know the common questions interviews ask and their answers, alongside what you do and what you should not do in an interview.

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