Campaign for 2019 election as we know have started and as expected, political parties have begun with their usual promise of Heaven on earth. Surprisingly, the government in power is expected to tell us what they have done but they are busy with what they will still do. We expect to hear “we have” before “we will”.

However, the campaign team of Muhammed Buhari have come out with another plan tagged “NEXT LEVEL” these no doubt have left many with the question next level of what?

The question is very important because the change mantra they brought in 2015 we are yet to see the positive side of the change.

Are moving to the next level of the country with EXTREME Poor people as world poverty clock have shown we are? Next level of no media chart with the press to hear directly from the people?  Or are we moving to the next level of another four years of blaming PDP of everything without doing anything different? Or next level of more killings? Maybe next level of nepotism and lopsided/witch-hunt style of fighting corruption. Or next level of disobedience to court orders? Or next level of winning election with the army and police and say PDP did the same thing during their time.

Maybe we should look out for next level of accusing animals of taking our money. Or next level of cutting grass with 270 million naira. Is it next level of national drama and lies? True the list is endless.

Let’s forget ethnic, religious sentiment and look into the next level with proper eye of scrutiny and see if it is what we want or should we forget all the drama and get Nigeria work again.

The promise and hope of Nigerians that was built up in 2015 with the promise of change have been thrown to the gutters and cry, poverty and hunger have become the order of the day while few have continued to enjoy at the expense of others.

The unfulfilled promises in 2015 is still fresh in our minds. Equaling of N 1.OO to $1.00 today $1.00 is equal to N 364. We have not forgotten the promise of amending the Nigerian Constitution with a view to devolving powers, duties and responsibilities to states in order to entrench true Federalism and federal spirit today he is saying is not possible after the promise in 2015.

The promise to strengthen INEC to reduce, if possible eliminate electoral malpractices in Nigerian’s political life is still fresh in our minds .These as we know have been worse than the way met it as they even double the number of military and police used in the past during elections just to intimidate the opposition. The list is endless and the opposite is all we have seen.

If PMB wants to take the country to a good next level he must change his ideology and resolve his cabinet because you can’t continue doing the same thing over and over again and expect a new result. Definitely PMP can’t do so. I think is time we get Nigeria working again in the positive aspect.



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