Life in the higher institution is always fun and tough at the same time. This is because every student meets and mingles with different people with their different characters, either as a coursemate, hostel mate, gist mate, friend, or enemy, etc. So, if you are about to experience life in a higher institution, please get ready for the fun and tough times. And, if you are a student, enjoy the lovely experience while it lasts. In this amazing one, we have compiled the 20 types of roommates you will probably find in the university, both as a male or female. It’s always an interesting moment.

20 Types of Roommate you will find in the University

1. Lover-Lover Roommates

The lover roomies are the type of roommate that are seriously in love with one partner or the other, if not many. Just like someone who is high on tramadol, they are always on highness and drunk in love. They always invite or visit their lovers, and when they do, they inconvenience their roommates.

The female lover roommates always come back with some goodies which they share with their roommates as a kind gesture or as a way of bribing her to play cool when her man visits. The female ones always take the lead.

The male lover roommates would always invite their girlfriends on daily basis, and stylishly alert their roommates to give them some space to have some lovely fun. The fun would start after preparing Indomie and egg for the girl and washing it down with exotic or any soft drink. It has become a routine.


The female lover roommate is compatible with ‘Over righteous ones’ (Number 4), while the male ones are compatible with ‘Borrowers’ (Number 3).

2. Book-Warmer Roommate

The Book-warmer roommates would marry their books as always, even when the exam date is far away. They don’t joke with lectures, assignments, tests, not to talk of exams. They always leave early for lectures and come back later with some smoke exuding from their heads indicating how well they have studied. They go for morning lectures, afternoon class, evening, and even night class where they will burn their candles all through the night until they doze off.

The female book-warmers are always chubby while the male ones are always slim. The female ones always have eye-problem and wear glasses while the male ones always have bags of heavy books as though they are the general overseer of Wikipedia. The female ones are always on top of the game.

The female book-warmers are always prayer warriors and attend church most often while the male ones always wear the same bag and clothes even when they have their wardrobe filled to the brim with assorted clothes.

3. Borrowers

Borrow-Borrow Roommates are the ones that can borrow for Africa. They almost don’t have anything such as property, foodstuffs, clothes, text-books, and even toiletries. They are always nonchalant about what the borrowee would say or how he/she feels.

The female ones borrow with pride as though borrowing is a fundamental human right. The male ones borrow with tactful styles so as not to feel inferior. They would be like “Hey! Charles, is your blender still functioning? I would have loved to use it for something”.

The female ones can borrow from strangers, security man or even from sellers nearby, and they won’t return the borrowed items until the borrowee comes looking for them, just to find their roommates and embarrass them just some times.

The male ones are always friendly to everyone while keeping a warm friendship with the aim of having a successful borrowing operation subsequently.

4. Over righteous Roommates

Overrighteous Roommates would always have the feeling of the most righteous person who doesn’t do anything wrongly. They always advise their roommates as though they are their father or mother. They always appear to be innocent even though they have their bad sides. Generally, they are cool to have.

The female ones are the best advisers one can get in school concerning love and relationship. They would advise you that having a friend of intimacy is not ideal while quoting the related quotes. They would educate their roommates why their boyfriends change to bad all of a sudden.

5. Wife Material

The wife-material roomies always look responsible, intelligent, and pretty. In fact, they often possess and exhibit some enough qualities of a good wife as people always attest. As always, they keep the kitchen clean, wash dishes, cook, and even arrange the room without any complaint.

6. Serious Students

These ones don’t joke with their studies. They are more interested in the school activities and do not miss any. They could also be likened to book-warmers. They prepare ahead of time and do very well in the exams. But, they seem to lag behind in some social activities if not church.

7. Foody Roommates

These are the type that can eat until day breaks. They always empty the pot before their roommates arrive. The female foodies are always fat while the male ones are very slim even though they eat excessively.

The female ones enjoy eating a mixture of snacks and some other junk while the male ones enjoy eating heavy foods even at midnight.


The female foodies are always compatible with ‘Wife Material‘ (Number 5) because they are not always the cooking type but they enjoy eating every time.

The male ones are compatible with the ‘Borrowers‘ (Number 3) and ‘Lover-Lover Roommates’ (Number 1) because they enjoy eating borrowed foods but they don’t like to borrow. Also, they enjoy it when their ‘lover-lover roommate’ invite his girlfriend to come and cook for them, because he’ll always eat along.

8. Party Kings & Queens

These are the type of roommates that don’t joke with anything called ‘party’. They prefer to party from morning till night, and till dawn again to attending lectures in the school. Most of them are also brilliant but they don’t enjoy studying.

The Queens always dress indecently but most of them are good girls with kind hearts. The kings always dress to kill, but most of them are ‘brostitudes’ with different uncountable girlfriends.


These types of roommates are always compatible with ‘Over righteous roommates‘ (Number 4) even though they live different lives, according to history.

9. Disorganized Roommates

These are the type of roommates that are extremely disorganized and scattered. They enjoy it when everywhere is sparkling clean, but they also enjoy messing everywhere up.

The female ones are worse than the male ones because they can comfortably live inside the disorganized room without any complain, but the male ones would want to put things in order, but can’t because they do, they no longer belong to this category.

Again, the female ones can be very neat outside, but the inside is the opposite, while the male ones can be both dirty outside and inside. However, the male ones only organize and clean everywhere whenever they are expecting any of their girlfriends.


The female ones are compatible with ‘wife-material roommates (Number 5) because after disorganizing, their roommates would always organize everything.

The male ones are compatible with the ‘lover-lover roommate‘ because their lover roommates would always clean up the mess knowing that their girlfriends could come around any time.

10. The Prayer Warriors

These are the types of roommates that are very religious, go to fellowship every minute, and believe that it’s better to pray more than to study. They always go to school very early in the morning to hold open prayers at some strategic places especially prior to the exam period. They are good at speaking in tongues.

The female ones always put on long dresses that cover their body, as well as a head tie with little or no make-up. They ooze the holy spirit as always as they walk graciously. They are naturally wise and intelligent, but most of them don’t prefer to study every time.

The male ones are always slim, tall, and chocolate in complexion. They have assorted clothes for fellowship and they are always good in playing musical instruments such as the keyboard, bass guitar and lead guitar. They are very kind and can be jovial at some times.


The female prayer warriors are compatible with ‘party queens roommates‘ (number 8) while the male ones are compatible with ‘foodie roommate‘ (number 7).

Other types of Roommates in the University

11. Movie Addicts

This group doesn’t joke about watching movies. They enjoy leaving in an environment where there is constant light. They are capable of missing lectures just to get some movies completed. Most of them are single but intelligent. The female ones are always on top of the game.

12. The Chef Roommate

Roommates under this category could be the best cook in the world if they go for a competition. They can prepare both local and intercontinental dishes just with few ingredients. They are equal in number as both the males and female ones are of equal ratio.

13. Born-to-disturb roommates

These are the types of roommates that are always interested in disturbing their roommates 24/7. There is never a dull moment with them. They are highly protective and always make good lovers.

14. The Talker

Just like the ‘born-to-disturb, the talker roommates talks at all times except when they are sleeping. A few number of them even talk when they are sleeping. They are always referred to as the orator. A good number of them are always intelligent. The ladies are on top of this category.

15. The Angry Roommates

These types of roommates are always angry without any cogent reason. They would hardly smile and can easily pick offense, and keep malice. They are always jealous. The females ones are on top of the game as they can comfortably sponsor their malice up to a year without any move for resolution.

16. The Cultist Roommates

Yes! Cultists also have roommates that are not fellow members of their cult. The guys are on the top of the game even though the ladies are coming up gradually. They derive joy is smoking and aggressively extorting people alongside other negative activities at any given opportunity. 99% of them don’t attend lectures and always come out with quite a low grade, and 30% of them do not graduate at all.

17. Regular Roommates

This category consists of the roommates that are just normal with everything. They are always compatible with all of the above. They are always cool to have.

18. Indoor Roommates

The indoor roommates are the ones that can stay inside the room for decades without coming out. They always focus on their own business, enjoy staying in a cozy environment, and love living their inner lives. They don’t have too much of friends but they are always beautiful/handsome, and intelligent.

19. Music Addict

These are the types of roommates that cannot do without music. They are known to have their earpiece on even as they work on the road. The radical ones always boom loud music from their room and disturb the entire household with it. The male ones are on top of the game.

20. The Thief Roommates

These are the types of roommates that are known for their kleptomaniac tendencies and practices. They always look innocent and friendly, but they are good in all stealing formats. They are also experts in conducting examination malpractices even though they scale through every time because of their stealing skills.

We’d hope you had a good time reading this amazing one. Please, feel free to drop your own opinion as regards your own experience and opinions.

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